A Flash Drive of One's Own: The Benefits of Going Custom

One of the most important elements of computer hardware is storage. Your data needs somewhere to live, and if that living space is compact and portable, all the better. The ultimate compact and portable data storage is the USB flash drive. Because this tech item is practical and convenient, it's been a top promotional product for some time now.

For a unique spin on the item, we suggest a custom flash drive. Instead of laser-engraving or screening your logo on a standard USB drive body, you can dream up something brand new and completely custom. The branding and marketing benefits of a custom flash drive are numerous.

Flash Drives: The Basics Just about every computer on the market has several small rectangular ports called USB ports. We use them to plug in keyboards, mice, webcams, and other computer peripherals. You can even find USB ports on some smartphones and tablets. USB ports are also where you plug in a flash drive. In this way, you can expand the amount of memory on your device.

Flash drives generally contain between 512 MB and 32 GB of information. That's thousands of documents, presentations, songs, photos, or videos. Flash drives are sometimes nicknamed "thumb drives" because if their size. They weigh just an ounce or two and they are a few inches long. They can have useful features programmed right in, like security encryption and pre-loaded data.

A Flash Drive of One’s Own: The Benefits of Going Custom Goodyear Blimp
A custom flash drive shaped like the Goodyear Blimp

Custom USB Drives: The Benefits Custom flash drives are an excellent promotional product for many reasons. First, the basic item itself is something that everyone can use. It's simple to operate and it fills a common need in our computer age - moving files from one place to another. Second, because it's a technology item, it associates your brand with the cutting edge. Third, as it is used over and over again in daily life, the user will see your logo and remember your organization.

Flash drives generate numerous impressions. But all that is true for standard flash drives. A custom drive has its own perks. The key benefit can be summed up in one word: "Wow!" A tailor-made 3D USB drive makes an overwhelming impression. Because it's unlike the other flash drives they've seen before, it's memorable. It can make them laugh in amusement or surprise, which associates a positive emotion with your brand. Some of the best custom flash drives we've seen include:

  • The Goodyear Blimp
  • A cargo ship, for a freight company
  • A cartoon sperm, for an erectile dysfunction drug
  • A smiling nurse, for a health care organization
  • A university's mascot
  • An air conditioning unit, for an appliance repair company

You can also create a drive in the shape of your logo itself, or any other iconic image associated with your brand.

Using Custom Flash Drives Effectively Now that the holiday season is upon us, companies need to plan their corporate giving. Custom flash drives are a great choice. Whether you give them to new clients, valued partners, or even employees, these fun flash drives say "thank you" in a unique, high-tech way. They're also an unusual and attention-getting choice for tradeshow giveaways.

While everyone else is handing out pens and tote bags, you can give a colorful, three-dimensional flash drive that will capture their imaginations and get people talking. This "booth buzz" will motivate others to stop by and hear what you have to say. We also suggest using custom flash drives at meetings and conferences. Instead of giving each attendee a ream of paper, give them a compact and attractive USB drive with all the materials pre-loaded for their convenience. The trees will thank you!

Now for the nitty-gritty of ordering custom flash drives. Some folks hear "custom" and assume that means "expensive." That's not the case for custom flash drives. With a minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces, the prices generally run from $5 to $20 each, depending on how much memory you want in the drive. All we need to get started is a concept, and preferably a few images of your idea. Overseas production of the soft PVC cases takes 4-6 weeks, so plan ahead. When you're ready to get started, contact us and we'll guide you through the process.