Incentive, Reward, and Recognition Programs

Recognition for culture, effort, and years of service is a key part of making sure that your employees feel valued and stay connected to your mission and vision. Incentive, reward, and recognition programs are an integral part of the success solution of modern organizations.

Employee recognition programs are one of the driving forces of a successful employee culture. Recognizing an employee for their hard work decreases turnover and increases an employee’s loyalty and engagement. The world of employee recognition programs can be confusing and overwhelming unless you have a Gorilla on your team!

But how do you create an engagement program that people love? Employee gifting is nothing new, indeed for years bosses have been using employee rewards programs in order to build a strong culture and create happy, motivated employees. This has become even more important with the trend towards remote working. The reason is because it’s tangible and employees can easily see how it adds something to their lives. In our remote world, this kind of physical gifting also adds a personal touch that can help to create connections even when your workforce is spread far and wide. When you recognize and reward them, you create a sustainable competitive advantage. Engage, inspire, and reward the people who matter.

At Gorilla Marketing, our representatives are on hand to help you shape a reward and recognition program that fits your needs!


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