Branded Merchandise

Looking for guidance to select the right promotional product? You've come to the right place. Read on to learn the key questions to answer before you begin your search.

What's the Purpose of Branded Merchandise?

Branded merchandise plays a key role in successful marketing plans and awareness campaigns. It's important to know exactly what role you want them to play. For example, fun, attention-getting trade show giveaways can generate booth traffic. But if you choose something fun and functional, people will keep them after the show, and be reminded of your message as they go about their daily routine. You should also think about the emotion you want to inspire in the people who receive the item.

What Preferences and Specifications Matter?

The variety of branded merchandise and promotional products available will astound you. It pays to be specific about what you want. An embroidered baseball cap seems like a simple piece of headwear, but you can choose from different fabrics, brim styles, adjustable closures, and so on. Your project may require particular certifications like Prop 65 or 100 organic. That's where our experts really shine as we go to work for you to handle the specifics.

What's Your Branded Merchandise Budget?

For just about any item, a range of price points is available. There are $0.25 plastic pens and $250 artisan writing instruments. When considering your budget, keep in mind the perceived value of the item and what message that sends about your brand. Bargain-basement options are often available, but a lower-quality item may not create the impression you're looking for.

How Many Do You Need?

Based on your goals and your budget, you should determine how many items you need. Different promotional products have different minimum quantities. You may be able to order just one art-glass award, but you may have to order at least 1,000 custom-molded pens from China. Your Gorilla Marketing rep can explain your options.

Do You Have Color Guidelines or Logo Specifications to Match?

Brand guidelines can help us to narrow the selection to branded merchandise that meets your requirements. Does your logo have multiple colors? Are you required to limit the item colors to a specific palette? This information helps us to make sure we get you what you need to make your brand shine.

When Do You Need the Items / What's Your In-Hands Date?

Planning ahead opens up more choices, while a last-minute project may limit your options and increase your cost. For example, prices can be much lower when ordering factory-direct overseas, but ocean shipping takes several weeks. Determine whether you need your items by a firm deadline or if your timeline is flexible.


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