A New Wave of Branding: 3D Holographic Banners

Custom banners are a go-to for any events where you want your brand to stand out from the rest and getting your message across. They are essential for making a lasting impression to a larger audience for in-store setups and tables at trade shows or events. But what's next?

The way we market and advertise products is constantly evolving to new and better ways of doing it. Custom banners are ideal for nearly all events and brands alike but when looking to stand out from the rest of the competition and catching prospective clients' eyes from the start, your branding approach needs to get creative.

We found a new and innovative way to help clients reach goals and add dimension to their branding.  

A New Wave of Branding: 3D Holographic Banners Poster Image

3D holographic banners are a fun and new way to catch the eyes of a larger audience even in high traffic and busy situations. This solution gives you the capabilities to decorate with your favorite banner art and add a 3D element of your choice as well.

The banner is 26' x 26' x 4' and comes with all of the components to create a show-stopping display. The 3D holographic design is created with a holographic fan that creates an advanced form of high-quality photography. The lasers create sharp, three-dimensional art at the top of your everyday banner that will create a demand for attention.

This cutting-edge technology will impress your clients and create a fluid conversation that might not have happened without the help of this innovative marketing experience.

Decorate the banner with a full-color design and pair it with a 3D element of your choosing to create a high-quality and unique look to your new everyday item. 

A set up like this is a great opportunity for new product releases, giving in-depth explanations on product technology or just to create an eye-opening experience for your clients. 

This is a branding opportunity that will boost your brand's visibility and set you apart from the rest of the competition in a fun and innovation way.  

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