Administrative Professionals' Day 2018

Administrative Professionals' Day is a day to recognize the work and efforts of receptionists, secretaries, and administrative assistants. This year, it lands on Wednesday, April 25th, which means now is the time to come up with ideas to show your appreciation.

Celebrating their hard work with any of these small (and not so small) gifts will remind your favorite administrative professionals that their work doesn't go unnoticed.

18 oz. Tumbler

These tumblers have an everyday use and feel to them. They have double wall for insulation for cold or hot liquids and can be purchased in seven bright and vibrant colors. These are available for as low as $3.27 a unit.

Stoneware Mug

Mugs are a great go-to gift for office employees because it is something that can stay at their desk or go home with them. Mugs can also be filled with candies or treats for a little bit more excitement. These mugs come in an assortment of colors that are sure to fit your brand or logos needs. These are available for as low as $1.89 a unit.

Gift Bag of Cookies

If you don't know, now you know that we also can do custom treats! These cute little cookies come in a custom logo'd box with a bow. Treats are a great way to show you care and celebrate accomplishments. These are available for as low as $4.99 a unit.

Boat Tote

Canvas totes are a great gift to show you appreciate Administrative Professionals. This gift is great for the weekend and will showcase your logo where ever they go. These are available for as low as 4.98 a unit.

Executive Pen with Case 

These pens have a great clean look to them and come in a case to match. Sometimes a nice pen is a great way to show you appreciate hard work. These pens come in black and can be imprinted with different colors to fit your brand. These are available for as low as $3.99 a unit.

Like any of these ideas or have some of your own? Contact your Account Executive today!