Auto Industry Giveaways

The automobile industry is unique in its own right; representing a variety of very specific products and services. Any marketing rep knows that promotional giveaways are a great way to advertise your brand and get the customers talking about your company.

The truth is everyone likes giveaways, we can't help it; we love freebies! We have selected five promotional products that are specific to the auto industry to highlight. Automobile companies should always consider giving their customers relatable giveaway products, but the following five items can be helpful for a company in any industry.

1. License Plate Frame: Almost any car you buy or rent is outfitted with a personalized license plate frame advertising the company the car came from; easy advertising at its best! A license plate frame is a great giveaway item for your specific logo, slogan or company name. They come in a variety of colors and materials, and range in price; from $0.50 to $50.00 each! The good news is that once a customer puts the personalized plate on their car, they tend to forget about it, allowing for some very visible and consistent promotion!

Auto Industry Giveaways Window Cover

2. Windshield Shade: A practical giveaway for any customer with a car. A windshield shade is immediately useful on a hot summer day; they protect the car from heat and protect your customer from a hot steering wheel. They are foldable or available in neat packaging that is easily stored in small spaces in the car. Windshield shades have a lot of real estate to display your promotional message or logo, and starting at around $2.00 each, this is a giveaway where your money can go far!

Auto Industry Giveaways Air Freshener

3. Air Freshener: Sound a little cheesy for a giveaway? Maybe. But people still use air fresheners, since cars do develop some unpleasant, lingering smells. As low as $0.20 each, a hanging air freshener can have a simple imprint displaying your company's logo as it dangles from your customer's car. Even more exciting is the fact that air fresheners come in a variety of smells and can be tailored to your liking. Some smells are a bit stranger than others (Bacon Air Freshener?), but we're sure you'll find a smell you like.

4. Antennae Ball: Another great giveaway for the auto-specific crowd. In today's competitive market, customization adds a major advantage when promoting your product or brand. An antennae ball can be made into almost any image you choose, and often are a conversation-starter as a result of their uniqueness. Another inexpensive product (around $0.60 each) that can keep your customers talking about your company.

Auto Industry Giveaways Tire Pressure

5. Tire Pressure Gauge: A very useful and necessary tool for any car owner. It certainly can be considered a classier giveaway, as many tire pressure gauges come in a swanky gift box that can be engraved. When it comes to practical promotional items, the tire pressure gauge fits the bill. A good promotional product is not only classy and unique, but also functional. Another item that won't break the bank, ranging in price from $0.50 up to only a couple dollars each!

We practically live in our cars, so there are many other items that can be considered specific to the auto industry, but these five items are the most obvious. Choosing promotional products that are industry specific can certainly benefit your marketing approach and can increase the appeal of your customers.