Best Beach Giveaways

Summer is almost over. Hopefully you've made at least one trip to the beach and brought along one of the many beach accessories to enhance your beach experience. Many items are synonymous with the beach and used without a second thought.

The most common beach items can be a successful promotional giveaway. Even if you don't live near the beach, these five beach items can be used for any outdoor fun for your customers.

1. Sunscreen: This is a practical giveaway and useful in many situations. One of the primary reasons for heading to the beach is to catch the sunshine and hopefully a tan. It's ok to take home some extra sand from the beach, but most people would prefer to leave without the sunburn. Try giving your customers a sunscreen bottle with a clip to click to a belt or bag.  Sunscreen is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to tell your customers you care about their 'sun health'. At $0.47 to $1.00, a fun sunscreen clip will be sure to improve your customer's beach experience. 

2. Frisbee:  A no-brainer when it comes to any type of outdoor fun, but especially useful for a beach picnic. It's amazing to think that a plastic plate-shaped item could be entertaining; such a simple invention with a lot of purpose! Buying these in bulk can certainly reduce costs to as low as $0.30 a Frisbee. The best part is that it's an item that can be a great visual for a colorful or poignant promotional campaign. Beach-goers, aka your customers, will love this giveaway and will help keep your logo or company name flying high!

Best Beach Giveaways Frisbees

3. Beach Towel: Talk about a blank canvas for your promotional vision! A beach towel is an excellent way to advertise to your customers, but more importantly it's a giveaway that will certainly be utilized. To combat hot sand and the cold ocean water, arm your customers with a stylish and vibrant beach towel.  One of the more pricey giveaways, starting at around $6.00 each, but also one of the most effective.

Most customers will use a good beach towel for years to come. Every time they head to the beach with their trusty beach towel, they will be reminded of your product or brand. Now that's effective promoting! 

4. Sunglasses: There isn't much to explain about this possible giveaway item. Sunglasses are going to be a hit for any event; any occasion and at most any time during the year (expect maybe at a nighttime event).  For your marketing campaign, it's best to go with sunglasses that are simple and made up of inexpensive materials since sunglasses can certainly range on the very expensive side. Not the best idea to give out mass quantities of Ray Bans or Oakley sunglasses, as that can certainly break the bank. Aim for sunglasses for promotional purposes which will range from $0.94 to $2.00 a pair.

Best Beach Giveaways Sunglasses

5. Visor:  Any time we are discussing the beach, the topic of conversation will always come back to the sun. There are several possibilities when it comes to promotional giveaway visors. A cool visor is another item to combat the sun and protect your customers. Advertising your product or logo has never come so easy; with the visor, it will be prominently displayed on your customers head! From $0.35 for the plastic visors, up to several dollars for a stylish fabric embroidered version, these are giveaways that can fit almost any budget.

With sun, fun and the cool ocean waters, it seems almost impossible to make a beach trip any more exciting! Never underestimate the power of a nifty promotional item to enhance your customer's beach experience.