Branding With Love: Valentine's Day Promos

Holiday-themed promotions are fun and effective, and we're less than a month away from a perfect opportunity to show some marketing love: Valentine's Day. Express your affection with these romantic (and maybe a little risqué) promo ideas.

Chocolates and Other Candy

"Sweets for the sweet," the saying goes. Chocolates are a traditional Valentine's Day gift. Promotional options run the gamut from custom-molded chocolate bars with full-color wrappers to truffle assortments in a logo-imprinted box.

Another fun choice is a branded lollipop, with your design is printed right on the candy in edible ink. Candy brightens everyone's day, and gives them a great experience while thinking of your brand.

Recommended: Bach Gift-Boxed Chocolates, minimum quantity 25, $3.99 each for 1-color imprint on the box. Item #FRLYD-BSOFZ.

Branding With Love: Valentine's Day Promos Lip Balm
Lip Balm with Carabiner Sleeve, $1.39 each


Lip Balm

Traditionally, Valentine's Day is about romance, and romance often involves kissing. A lip balm giveaway can tie into this theme and help people have soft smooches with their sweethearts. Promotional lip balm is available with a custom label and can be flavored in dozens of different ways.

Also consider an imprinted leash or carabiner cap so they can keep the lip balm (and your logo) close at hand.

Recommended: Lip Balm with Carabiner Sleeve, minimum quantity 100, $1.39 each for full-color custom label and 1-color imprint on the sleeve. Item #YRGVA-GXYGG & KRGVC-GXYGI. 

Branding With Love: Valentine's Day Promos Mint Tin

Razor Sliding Mint Tin, $1.87 each


Another kiss-related giveaway is mints. Mints are available in many kinds of promotional packaging, from blister packs to tins to plastic credit-card-sized containers. There are sugar-free micro-mints, luxurious butter mints, and extra-strength mints for those serious breath issues.

You can go for a full-color presentation or a simple logo imprint. They'll carry it with them and see your brand throughout the day.

Recommended: Razor Sliding Mint Tin, minimum quantity 250, $1.87 each with 1-color imprint. Choose from Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, and Cinnamon. Item #AMLXD-EMNOF.

Branding With Love: Valentine's Day Promos SafeVelope

SafeVelope Condom and Mints, $1.45 each


If you're targeting the all-important 18-to-35 demographic, condoms are an inexpensive giveaway that will definitely get noticed. Anyone with a health-related message might consider using promotional condoms, of course, but condoms can also work for insurance companies, banks, and computer software brands - any organization that wants to emphasize protection, safety, and security and isn't afraid to get a little sexy.

Recommended: Safevelope Condom & Mints, minimum quantity 250, $1.45 each for full-color. Includes two breath mints and a condom in a full-color packet. Item #YNECB-GNXMR.

Branding With Love: Valentine's Day Promos Color Vase

Color Base Collapsible Vase, $1.38 each

Folding Vases for Flowers

Valentine's Day is the biggest bouquet-giving holiday of the year. If you've ever received a bouquet and found yourself searching for a vase to hold the flowers, you'll appreciate one of the coolest promo trends of the last year: foldable vases. These soft plastic vessels fold flat when empty, but when you fill them with water and add a bouquet, they stand up and are quite sturdy. Many colors and designs are available.

Recommended: Color Base Collapsible Vase, minimum quantity 200, $1.38 each with 1-color imprint. Includes a mailing envelope. Item #AQJYE-HPBXS.

Branding With Love: Valentine's Day Promos Letter Opener

Heart-Shaped Letter Opener, $0.45 each

Various heart-shaped items

If you give your customers tender loving care, you can demonstrate your affection with heart-shaped promotional products. All the standard items you know and love - pens, sticky notes, water bottles, coffee mugs, stress toys, keychains, and so on - are available with a heart motif.

Recommended: Heart-Shaped Letter Opener, minimum quantity 250, $0.45 each with 1-color imprint. Item # ZLFBC-HKUIM.

For other ideas or help with placing a Valentine's Day promo order, contact us today!