Custom N'ape Travel Neck Pillow

Your clients will go bananas for the N'ape Travel Neck Pillows. Available in a variety of designs, including apes, bears, and more, these cuddly micro-bead pillows make travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

These functional, adorable branded travel companions readily transform from a cuddly friend into a neck pillow in just seconds. Simply unzip and flip the animal to reveal the u-shaped neck pillow and relax. Here are just a few of the reasons folks are using the N'ape Pillow to promote their brand.  

Custom N’ape Travel Neck Pillow Gorilla Pillow

N'Ape Travel Neck Pillows are Great for Kids 

This cuddly companion is great for kids because of its fun nature and useful features. The perfect item to keep kids entertained and comfortable on long trips, the N'ape travel neck pillow is simple to transform making it easy for kids to go back and forth between the plush toy and neck pillow. This is perfect for hospitals, summer camps, charity functions, school stores, and more.  

N'Ape Travel Neck Pillows are Supportive 

The travel neck pillow is designed to support the neck and improve so folks can rest easy while traveling. The micro-beads make it lightweight, portable and, gives it a soft feel. Whether your clients are traveling by car, train, or plane, this neck pillow will give them the comfort they need.  

N'Ape Travel Neck Pillows have Endless Plush Customization Possibilities  

This is a fully customizable item that will highlight your brand's creativity and let you bring life to your marketing concepts. Think corporate mascots, launch events, product releases, and more- the possibilities are endless. A pre-production prototype can be created so you are sure that the design supports your brand goals.  

N'Ape Travel Neck Pillows Expand Your Brand Exposure Around the Globe 

The N'ape Pillow is a fun way to expand into travel accessories and provide worldwide exposure for your brand. Travel accessories as a category are one of the most highly valued and underutilized. They have high retention and repeated use, which means your brand will become a trusted travel companion and continue to benefit from exposure for years to come.   The N'ape Pillow is available for as low as $9.95 a unit. 

If you are interested in this product or learning more information, contact your Account Executive today!