Earth Day is April 22nd

Worrisome evidence continues to roll in pointing toward escalating global temperatures. And as the Earth heats up so does the discussion regarding a potential solution. There may not be a consensus yet on how to undo what we have wrought, but this growing attention to environmental concerns has produced an exponentially growing need for eco-friendly and sustainable products.

The promotional product industry has had their respective green thumbs on the pulse of these environmental demands for years and continues to roll out innovative, ecologically-sound means of advertising brands and companies. April 22nd is Earth Day, as has every April 22nd been for over 40 years when a Wisconsin senator, after witnessing the devastation and destruction of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, set in motion a series of public and political events culminating in the official adoption of the holiday. Within a matter of years the spirit of the event spread out from the US borders, and today, Earth Day is observed by over 500 million people and officially by a number of national governments in over 175 countries worldwide.   

Earth Day is April 22nd Sticky Notes

Having a specific event on which to focus is a great opportunity for businesses and groups to promote themselves while showing their dedication to conservancy and protection of our rapidly dwindling resources. Reusable tote bags have long been a staple of the promotional industry and are touted as being a responsible alternative to disposable plastic bags. And since more and more places worldwide are finding that plastic bags are being heavily penalized if not outlawed entirely (plastic bags have been banned in Bangladesh since 2002!), reusable bags have become not only popular but necessary. However, saying you carry tote bags is like saying Costco carries... stuff. The versatility of these bags in both material and style is remarkably vast. All of these bags are reusable, made with non-woven Polypropylene derivatives, which reduces waste and landfill real estate immensely, but many are made partially if not completely out of post-consumer recycled content.


Earth Day is April 22nd Felt Tote

The call for promotional products made from recycled materials has skyrocketed (presumably fueled by a corn-based combustible elixir) well past tote bags and into diversified categories: pens, drink ware, journals, cutlery, backpacks, and even USB flash drives! Take advantage of this upcoming Earth Day by exhibiting a presence for your brand that is not only creative and intriguing but also demonstrates your dedication to conservancy and ecological preservation.

Would you like help putting together an eco-friendly promotional campaign? Feel free to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help suggest a number of items that will present your event/brand in the slimmest of carbon footprints!