Tech Related Items Are Top Of Mind

Technology related items are always at the top of our minds, and wearable technology is everywhere. We've already seen the rise of smartwatches, fitness bands, and smart glasses, and with Apple consistently launching new tech products, they bring a new variety to the market place.

These products will continue to become more accessible and affordable for the general market. With a large focus on fitness, fitness bands and smartwatches have changed the way we exercise, communicate and even how we eat and sleep. These little expensive pieces of technology are designed to get people more active. Many gyms and personal trainers have adopted these devices and have integrated them into their programs. Some companies are also incorporating fitness devices into their employee health benefit packages by providing wearable tech items which may directly affect you.

Are you keeping up with wearable technology? Fitness bands and smartwatches aren't the only wearables going tech these days. Major fitness companies are developing wearable fiber-optic clothing and smart jewelry for the connected fashionistas. Wearable tech has the potential to become the smartphone of the  decade, and it will be exciting to see how the promotional products industry responds to all advances. With everything you are able to do with these wearable devices, anything that is tech related or for use with tech items is going to be a perfect pick for a promotional product.


Tech Related Items Are Top Of Mind Microfiber Cloth

My personal favorite tech related item would have to be the soft microfiber cloths. With the amount of money you drop on wearable technology you don't want to use a standard cloth or rough t-shirt to clean your device and risk scratching it. Microfiber cleaning cloths are made with high-density microfiber materials designed to remove dirt, dust, and oil smudges from sensitive surfaces like cell phones, smart watches, and fitness band screens. They are available with smooth or serrated (jagged) edges.

They come in a variety of colors with spot color print or full color imprint, making the possibilities endless. My favorite size of the microfiber cloth is the 5''x 5'' cloth because it fits anywhere, and is perfect for any tech item in your life. The best thing about this size microfiber cloth is that it starts at under a buck making it a budget friendly promotional product.

Tech Related Items Are Top Of Mind Personalized Cloth

I just so happen to have three, yes three! One in my purse, one in my car, and one at my desk so I always have one on hand. The one in my car has been around almost as long as my 98' accord, which goes to show they last. It happens to have my insurance company's phone number on it just in case I get in a fender bender or my little car doesn't make it. I have all I need to call for my roadside service. It is no coincidence I have kept it and used it in my car so long; practical product with important information.

Microfiber clothes are a versatile and economical option to keep you current with wearable technology trends without having to compete with the high priced technology items. Instead, it enhances the use of them and makes them long lasting promotional items.