Golf Season is Upon Us

Spring is in the air, and it's that exciting time of year, golf season! If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California like I do, it can be considered golf season nearly the entire year!

Courses across the country are cutting grass, patching divots, and preparing for players to pack the courses, eager to play eighteen holes.

One thing that experienced golfers know, is that it is important to be prepared to really enjoy your time on the course.  In addition to getting your best game ready, you will also want to make sure that you are well equipped with the proper tools before you get started.

Let's take a look at some of the most important items on your golf season opener to do list.

Golf Season is Upon Us Golf Bag

1.Golf bag

Long gone are the days when a golf bag is only good for holding your clubs. Your golf bag is a not only a staple of the game but will house all of the essentials you will need for the duration of your eighteen-hole journey.

A great golf bag will not only easily hold all of the essentials (golf balls, tees, etc.) but it will also house many of the things that first time golfers bring along including a cell phone, a medical kit, revitalizing snacks, extra gloves, extra glasses or contact lenses, a rain shirt, Kleenex, sunscreen, golfer's tape, business cards, a golf towel, and perhaps even an umbrella.  

Golf Season is Upon Us Golf Shirt

2.Golf clothes 

Having an extra set of golf clothes with you at all times is essential.  From shirts to shades to shoelaces, many things can and will go wrong on the greens. If you are new to golfing you'll also quickly learn that not just any golf shoes will do.

Most golfers prefer to purchase a comfortable set of traditional spikes, or soft spikes (so as not to damage the course), to keep them going strong as the day progresses.  Many experienced golfers agree that a great pair of spikes can have a marked improvement on your entire game, so if you haven't grabbed a pair, now is the time.

3.Golf gloves

One of the most forgotten, but important items to a great golf swing and grip is a fantastic set of golf gloves. A golf glove is tackier than the skin, and assists in the prevention of turning and slipping as you complete your swing. The gloves are tremendously helpful in rainy conditions and are remarkably useful in preventing callouses and blisters. On a cold day, golf gloves also come in handy as they keep you warm, and keep your limbs flexible.

Golf Season is Upon Us Golf Towel

4.Golf Towels

No golfer should set foot on the green without serious consideration to the golf towel that he or she will be carrying.  For a single round of golf, the average player might typically use it at every hole.  You will want to make sure that you have something to clean your clubs with so why not a great golf towel, a good one will have a grommet and hook so it is easily clipped to your bag and easy to access.

Keeping these tips in mind will make all of the difference in your game as you embark upon an exciting new golf season.