Health Promoting Pedometer

While it seems unlikely, the marketing industry has many ways to use promotional products to promote health. A pedometer is just one of the many items that can market your brand while keeping your customers fit!

If you are like most people, your motivation to get to the gym and improve your health spiked after watching the 2012 Olympics. Watching amazingly-talented and athletically-superior people compete in a variety of sports on a global level can certainly be inspiring. But it can also make you feel a little guilty too!

Most Olympians have made it their life-long career to stay in shape and live healthy lives; but Olympians are only a fraction of our population and usually are not the primary customer-base we market to. If you're like most people, staying healthy is more of an afterthought and not a priority. It would be great if staying fit could be easy and not so time consuming.

Guess what? It CAN be easy! Investing in a simple pedometer can be your first step (pun intended) towards a healthier you. A great promotional product that promotes on!

We often forget that the basic objective of a good promotional product is an item that your customers will actually use. It makes no sense to put your logo, slogan or message on a product that will entertain your customers for only 5 minutes until it's thrown in a drawer or back seat of a car.

Good promotional products have staying power and are easily used again and again; hence, keeping your brand or company visible. Most people want to be in better shape; it's been their New Year's Resolution for the last 5 years!

Health Promoting Pedometer Pink Pedometer

We all come from varying degrees of physical fitness, but most of us could manage an occasional walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Like most technology today, pedometers come with all the bells and whistles you can imagine; some count calories, others have timers, can tell time, or provide the day of the week.

Keep it simple, keep it affordable; consider a pedometer that performs the basic function: counts steps!

A pedometer is a product that will show your customer you care about promoting good health and you will be surprised by how many will actually use it. Go a step further and develop a program that rewards customers who log in a specific number of steps.

A good piece of information: 2,000 steps equals one mile. The 2012 Olympics showed us lots of action and movement, but most of us are fairly sedentary, sitting on average eight hours a day! Why not motivate your customers towards a healthier lifestyle, by giving them a custom or specially branded pedometer at your next event! 

Give us a call and we can help find the pedometer that works best for you.