The Grind on Coffee Promotional Items

Promotional products work best when you pair them with something your customers love. Maybe you're not a coffee conglomerate like Starbucks, but you can certainly bet that if your marketing campaign promotes or enhances the drinking of coffee, you will certainly win fans.

There's no denying it, we love our coffee! Statistics show that about 50% of all Americans drink coffee, so we can easily say it's not a fluke and instead a habit that isn't going away any time soon.

But why do we love coffee so much? There are some easy answers to this question. There is a physiological effect on people that causes them to drink coffee. The craving for caffeine is strong in many people, and overwhelmingly powerful in others.

Another reason for our love of coffee; personalization! Just as we can personalize a soccer ball or USB drive, we can order coffee to our liking: extra hot, low fat milk, whip cream, espresso shot, caramel swirls, soy get the point. 

Some of us love coffee just because it provides a sense of consistency; we can't function until we have our cup of coffee for the day.

For others, a cup of Joe just makes us happy, a small escape from the daily grind.

How does the love of coffee play into your marketing approach? Consider a promotional product that is all about coffee. First item that comes to mind? A coffee cup or coffee mug!

A coffee cup or mug is a fairly popular item, commonly used as giveaways. Coffee cups come in a variety of styles, some with built-in spoons; others called "Bistro" cups are taller to accommodate the foam of a delicious latte.

Coffee travel mugs are an invention which made a huge impact on avid coffee drinkers. Now you can keep your coffee hot and travel with it! Never underestimate the power of a good coffee cup or travel mug; it's a gift that will sure to be utilized and appreciated by your customers or staff.

You can take your coffee-focused marketing campaign a step further. Consider a unique coffee stirrer, with your logo or company name. A coffee-cup-sleeve is also a good idea and they are not very expensive. However, it may not be a very effective giveaway unless you are actually serving cups of coffee. Additionally, most sleeves are disposable, not meant to be used after the cup of coffee is empty...hence, not always the most ideal promotional product.

The ultimate coffee-centric giveaway? Coffee! A bag of coffee beans with your personalized label would certainly be impressive. Promoting your company or brand is certainly the main focus of any marketing campaign or promotional giveaway, but consider tailoring your giveaway items to match what your customers (or society in general) enjoy most.