It's Not Just a Visor

Have you ever stopped to think about how simple promotional products impact others? The influence they have, the lasting value for the advertiser and the recipient?

It's easy to get in the mindset of just. They are just promo products, just a pen, a mug, a power bank, just a visor. It's not like we're improving lives with these items, right?

Wrong. In truth, promotional products can be so much more than just anything. They help companies, groups, and organizations to accomplish their goals and objectives. They help build and deepen relationships, they connect people with brands, increase goodwill, and influence buying decisions.

These simple products welcome new employees, help raise money for great causes, help introduce new products and services, improve safety in plants, increase sales, and maximize customer retention. They touch the lives of others in ways we rarely consider. They entertain, reward, amuse and at times challenge.

They have a story, and in this case, its a story that is too cool not to share. One of our reps at Gorilla Marketing recently completed a small order for Erich, a blind marathon runner. Think about that ... a blind marathon runner! Most of us can't imagine trying to walk down a sidewalk during the Boston Marathon and this guy is going to run it, blind, with a woman he's never met guiding him via an app and Google Glass.

He'll have a sighted runner beside him in case they lose the Wi-fi signal, but he's counting on this technology to help him realize a very cool goal! The visor we created, with an 8-color logo, is really important to him.

It's not just a visor or even just part of his running uniform. It's part of his mojo. It impacts his performance and that of his guide. It's critical. He is so excited about the visor that he was emailing our rep at 3 am EST.

And you know what, we're all excited too! Every day each and every one of us has the option to provide clients with promotional solutions that will impact them and by extension thousands of others positively. Every day those items become part of a story, and some of those stories are pretty cool.

Check out Erich's story and join us as we cheer him on when he runs on April 17, 2017!