Just Do Good Campaign: True Circle Organization

The Just Do Good campaign highlights businesses, student groups, and private enterprises for various #JustDoGood service acts. Groups are encouraged to submit their stories on our submission page (FOUND HERE), then we select from the stories that showcase people making this world a better place! 

This week, we're sharing Carolyn Ermitage's #JustDoGood submission. Carolyn is the Founder & CEO of True Circle Organization. Keep reading to hear her organization's story!


Just Do Good Campaign: True Circle Organization Bag Contents


"True Circle Organization is a public, nonprofit, 501c3, all volunteer group. Our mission is to provide comfort, safety and a better future for displaced people throughout our communities.Our group puts together and distributes Go Bags -backpacks filled with water, food, shirt, socks, underwear and toiletries for people who are homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles.

We have given out close to 1,000 bags. We are all volunteer to keep our administrative costs to less than 1%! The idea came from wanting to do something for other people on my birthday -which was an idea that came from my kindergarten teacher.

Just Do Good Campaign: True Circle Organization Loaded Up Bags

Our Values at True Circle:

  • Creating Better Tomorrows; Building Communities Through Partnerships, Teamwork and Good Citizenship
  • Respect for People; Listen, Help/Comfort & Improve
  • Educate; Raising Level of Awareness for Maximum Impact
  • Give Responsibly, Be Ethical and Transparent in our Finances
  • Be Humble and Open Minded to Drive Change
  • "Continuous Improvement; Consider Creative Options, Resources and Integration"

Thank you to True Circle Organization for incorporating service to others in your day-to-day life. Your #JustDoGood initiative surely makes a positive difference to those you assist. Keep it up!

For more information of True Circle, you can visit their website at www.truecircle.org .