Make it Click With a Selfie Stick!

These days it is always the season for selfies, and there's nothing newer and more exciting in the quest for the perfect selfie than the selfie stick!

Envision an extendable thin pole that securely holds your phone in place. The extended pole serves as your very own full time 'personal photographer' and has the ability to effortlessly angle and swivel. Once you've framed your perfect shot, you simply press a button, some are even Bluetooth compatible and your flawless image is perfectly captured. Simple, easy, and fun!

When you start using a selfie stick, it is hard to stop. From Hollywood celebrities to the girl next door, everyone is getting in on what is proving to be one of the most formidable trends today. The selfie stick helps people to come up with new, inventive and perfectly posed pictures like never before! Let's take a look at some of the best things about this must-have selfie tool.

It's perfect for groups of friends! Have you ever been out with a bunch of co-workers or friends and wanted to capture that perfect shot? Maybe it's in front of a landmark, or perhaps it just seems to be a perfect moment in time. Who wants to wait for some stranger to walk by so that you can ask them if they will help out? Even if they agree, we all know that half the time those pictures come out blurry and poorly composed! With the selfie stick, it is picture time, all the time, and all of it is at your very own fingertips. If the picture isn't right, keep clicking away until you have one that you absolutely love! It's that easy!

Make it Click With a Selfie Stick! Blue Selfie Stick

Smile, you're on candid camera! Are you big on posting the perfect picture on your social media? Or perhaps you just like having a healthy dose of fun with your best friends and your photos? Candid snaps will always be one of the greatest and funniest expressions that can be shared between friends, but when you pull your phone out of your pocket, the ruse is up.

It's easy for everyone to see that a picture is coming. With the selfie stick, you can hold the stick in your hand, but angle your camera far enough away that it doesn't attract attention! Trying to get that perfect candid shot that will make your friends laugh? A selfie stick is the only way!

Climb every mountain! For nature enthusiasts, daredevils, and people who live life to the fullest, the selfie stick should be part of your adventure starter pack. When you're all alone and have reached the peak of a day-long mountain climb, without a selfie stick pretty much all you can get in your frame is maybe a few of the dirt rocks behind you.

It's amazing the difference that a selfie stick can make in capturing a gorgeous panoramic type of view for your most daring photos. Next time you're packing your rock climbing gear or your snowboard shoes, don't forget to pack the selfie stick with it!

Not since the advent of the digital camera has picture taking been this fresh, this new, and this fun. Get yourself a selfie stick, and elevate your picture taking to whole new levels!