Popular T-Shirt Styles

When it's all said and done...a t-shirt is still the most popular promotional item. A t-shirt is the most common way to promote your brand, image, slogan, or company name. Many of the manufacturers we work with have reinvented and perfected the common t-shirt.

With new styles, fabrics, and custom-designs, the t-shirts of today have come a long way to meet the demands and desires of our customers.  There are many t-shirt options for your marketing needs; before placing your next t-shirt order let's consider a few common styles in the promotional marketing industry.

The Performance Shirt

Best used for the active individual because of its moisture-wicking quality. If your customer-base is very active or the event you are sponsoring or promoting will induce sweating, a Performance Shirt will be ideal. These shirts are made of  polyester and will quickly dry moisture and sweat. Additionally, the Performance Shirt tends to be wrinkle resistant and will keep its color longer. After repeated use by active individuals the Performance Shirt will last the test of time and your company brand will stay relevant in the eyes of your customers.

The Eco-Friendly Shirt

Believe it or not, a shirt can be made with a variety of recycled fabrics and materials. Most Eco-Friendly shirts are made with organic cotton, which means the cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The option to wear a shirt that is environmentally responsible can impress your more selective customers and certainly goes a long way in an environmentally-conscious society. Eco-Friendly shirts are available in many styles, offering your customers many options for a successful and safe promotional product.

Popular T-Shirts Eco Friendly Shirt

The 50/50 Shirt

The benefits of polyester and the comfort of cotton combine to create the 50/50 shirt. As we learned about the Performance Shirt, polyester is best for high levels of activity and moisture-wicking. Cotton adds the comfort, giving the shirt a worn and soft feel. It's like getting the best of both in one shirt! The other perk of a 50/50 shirt is that it won't have significant shrinking after washing. The 50/50 Shirt is a popular style for promotional giveaways as it light and has a relaxed fit; definitely a style to consider to appeal to your customers.

The Ring Spun Shirt

A popular shirt in most fashion outlets, the Ring Spun Shirt is 100% cotton at its best. Ring spun style has much closer stitching which gives the shirt a very soft feel. Ring spun shirts are very durable and easy to maintain. Your customers will identify with a Ring spun shirt as they have been made popular by many well-known clothing stores.  A shirt with the soft and relaxing style that your customers can identify with will certainly be a hit. Add a clever logo or slogan to represent your company or brand and you're sure to have a success on your hand.

Popular T-Shirt Styles Red Polo

The 100% Cotton Shirt

Ultimately the most common shirt on the market, we never shy away from the classics. Cotton is one of the most dependable fabrics and most well-known. Your standard cotton shirt can be woven into different styles, not to mention several types of cottons. The various types of cotton blends can make for a heavier or lighter shirt. It can also influence the softness, thickness, and the color of the shirt. Cotton is the traditional fabric for most shirts, you're sure not find one that fits your needs.

With the variety of fabrics and styles on the market, this was only the tip of the iceberg for options on your next promotional t-shirt. Keep in mind the style, the blend of fabrics, textures and of course, the cost of the shirt when placing your next order. But most important is to know your audience and what your customers will like. Each style of shirt comes with specific highlights and features that will target the needs of the user.

We are certainly the resident experts on t-shirts, so give us a call and we can help identify the t-shirt that is best fit for you!