Marketing the Science of a Stress Ball

They're called 'stress balls' but do they really help eliminate stress? Or are they just a helpful promotional product? Somewhere in our social history, it was determined that we deal with a lot of stress and that squeezing onto a firm but plush ball would help alleviate that stress. But is it science or just good product promotion? It's actually a bit of both! The truth is the stress ball has been used by people for a very long time. The stress balls of today are a bit more 'flashy' and go beyond the simple skill of alleviating stress.

The science of a stress ball is that it actually serves to distract and often gives people emotional release by repeated squeezing. A stress ball can do more than just help with emotional stress, but also physical ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism and can improve blood circulation. See! It's not a fake, there is science! The stress ball does serve a purpose beyond furthering brand identity. If you work in an office setting, like we do, you are constantly typing and using a mouse to complete your daily work (even typing this blog will fatigue our hands). A simple stress ball can help exercise the muscles of the hand and have been known to help avoid or reduce carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Marketing the Science of a Stress Ball Earth Ball

Now that we understand more of the science, you will see how it feeds directly into the promotional aspect of the amazing stress ball giveaway! If you have a product that promotes the reduction of stress, and the increase in positive hand-mechanics then you have a giveaway that is going to be popular with customers. Even better, is the fact that contrary to earlier belief, a stress ball doesn't even need to be round to be effective. Any shape will do!

This is where you step in and make a health-promoting item for your own brand campaign. Take our company for instance. We could make a stress ball in the shape of a gorilla head or maybe a miniature gorilla. The stress ball (or stress gorilla) would promote the benefits of good health, but people may walk up to you curious as to why you are so intensely squeezing onto a miniature gorilla. We could take our promotional campaign a step further and create a banana-shaped stress ball, with all the colors and features of your normal grocery store banana. Outfit the stress banana with our logo and company name and TA-DA!, another great product to easily promote our company.

Marketing the Science of a Stress Ball Monkey Ball

So, the more unique the shape, the more it will catch people's attention. Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to using a stress ball for your next promotional product. Custom orders are our specialty!