Shark Week Swag You'll Never Forget!

It's that time of year again, Shark Week kicked off it's Jaws-like specials last week. To commence the most popular end of summer program the 21st century has to offer, the Discovery Network staged a race between U.S swimmer and multi- gold medalist recipient Michael Phelps and a GREAT WHITE SHARK!

No, not a real big, real scary, real live SHARK, just a computer generated image of a great white shark. But regardless of the shark's makeup, this race brought record breaking views to the network and shark week as a whole. It's always been a summer staple, but this year it's a week that NO ONE will forget.

So what better way to celebrate and remember this week than with some super awesome SHARK THEMED promotional products?! After conducting extensive reSEArch, we've put together a list of "Shark Week Swag You'll Never Forget!"  

1. Shark Football: Toss around your brand's logo in between Shark Week commercial breaks or any other week!

Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget! Shark Football

2.  Great White Shark Stress Toy: Stressed out after that one or five Shark Attack documentaries? Don't worry, everyone in the office will appreciate the stress toy -- added bonus is your brand's logo on the belly of the shark.

Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget! Shark Toy

3. Shark Bite Keychain & Bottle Opener: A useful, slightly scary, and totally awesome promotional product bound to be used over and over again.


Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget! Shark Keychain

4. Plush Shark Animal: How about you trade in all things sharp and scaley for something soft and sweet? This adorable little plush fits in with Shark Week, can rock any logo, and will be adored by everyone!

Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget! Plush Shark

5. Hammerhead Corkscrew: A sleek, shark-shaped corkscrew designed to catch the attention of valued employees, prospects, and clients.

Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget! Cork

6. Shark Tea Infuser: While this sweet infuser won't attract any sharks, it'll definitely attract attention to your brand!

Shark Week Swag You’ll Never Forget! Tea Bag Shark

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