Silicone Whistle Bracelets - Branded Safety and Identification Meets Colorful Flexible Design

This item blows me away ( shameless pun ) and it will blow your target audience away too. 

The silicone wristband whistle is extremely visible branding and identification for groups but just as important, the whistle adds an element of safety. 

I have been in the promotional products space my whole 40-year career. Maybe once or twice a year I actually see something new that makes sense. 

The silicone wristband whistle is that item for me so far in 2018. While it doesn't have application for all purposes and demographics, it is the perfect blend of safety, identification, and branding for a host of markets.

Here are but a few examples of where this custom wristband whistle would be a perfect fit: 

Kids Camps

The usefulness should be apparent.  It helps to quickly identify groups and gives those groups a safety device in the event they become lost or are otherwise in danger.  Custom branding them with the camp or group name makes them even more useful and a diversity of band colors makes quick identification possible. 

Community Outreach

An example would be to use the band color to signify the color of a bus route or subway route. The whistle gives the recipient a useful item to use while riding or simple to have on hand as a safety whistle in their backpack, tote or purse.

The band could be custom printed with a safety message to riders. The high visibility and addition of the whistle, combined with the low price of this item, make it budget friendly for transportation companies to use in safety and awareness campaigns. 

Group Tours.

Got an elderly group visiting a major city or country? This item would be a welcome addition in the guides toolbox as they could easily see which ones are their members and should a member stray or panic or need assistance, they might be heard more clearly with a whistle above the drone of voices.

It is a low cost highly effective promotional item as well; one that will likely remind the travelers of your company for years to come. 

Silicone Whistle Bracelets — Branded Safety and Identification Meets Colorful Flexible Design Whistles

The whistles are a safety necessity, acting as a fast and loud alarm that signals a need for help and the smooth, integrated design makes them a great fit for camps and safety programs, walks, runs, and so much more.

After the event, these whistle bracelets will be used again and again by joggers, walkers, seniors, and students alike as an addition to a go-bag or emergency kit, for camping, boating, hiking, biking, general survival, and countless other outdoor activities. 

The double frequency whistles emit a shrill, high-pitched sound, with minimal effort and the smooth, integrated silicone slap bracelets make them convenient to carry so they're on hand whenever the need to use arises. 

The whistle is made of ABS plastic. Silicone Whistle Bracelets are available in a choice of five bold colors with a 1-color imprint for as low as $1.29 a unit.  

If you're interested in this, or any other item, contact your account executive today to discuss options for your brand.  

Choking Hazard - Contains Small Ball
  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Toy contains a small ball.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.