Top 10 new items: Chocolate, pizza, beer, and more

Tradeshows are all about the swag -- but what happens when the swag-makers themselves have a tradeshow? Don't attempt this at home: We're professionals! Last week, Gorilla Marketing came, saw, and conquered a regional ad specialty tradeshow and made out like bandits. We got loaded down with freebies, of course, but the most exciting thing was the info. We saw all the newest products making a splash in the industry. Here's some highlights we found intriguing.

How sweet it is

Top 10 Items Chocolate Lip Balm

We know too much chocolate can be bad for your body, but here's some chocolate that's good for your lips: Lip balm in new chocolate, chocolate mint, and chocolate caramel flavors.Personalize the 4-color process label on the tube, and add a neoprene sleeve with clip so the lip balm goes wherever its user does. Practically guaranteed to be used to the last drop, and have them coming back to ask for more. $1.23 each, $45 setup, minimum order: 100 pcs.Request more information. to ask for more. $1.23 each, $45 setup, minimum order: 100 pcs.

Top 10 New Items Printed Lollipops

How many licks does it take to create a fun, tasty promotion that makes everyone feel like a kid again? When we got our hands on the newImagipops, we weren't counting -- we were too busy enjoying the surprisingly yummy treat and teasing each other about the colors our tongues were changing. Now that's effective engagement. Imagipops feature 4-color process printing right on the lollipop. Totally edible and totally memorable. Two sizes and nine colors are available. Request more information.

Pizza & beer

Top 10 New Items Pizza Cutter

The crowd-pleasing combo of pizza and beer just can't be beat, and neither can this handy little item. The Pizza Cutter with Bottle Opener features a durable serrated plastic blade, cheese-teeth to catch those long stringy bits, and a built-in bottle opener for all the beer and soda necessary to wash the pizza down. Perfect for rowdy college students and fine diners alike, and sure to get lots of use in the kitchen, where many buying decisions are made. Available in five colors. $1.99 each for a 1-color imprint, $45 setup, minimum quantity: 100. Request more information.

Top 10 New Items Can Grip

We've all seen the traditional squishy, collapsible can and bottle holders that keep your hands from freezing when you've got a cold brew. Here's a new twist: the Can Grip and Bottle Grip, a brightly colored plastic handle that snaps onto your drink and turns it into a stein perfect for toasting. You're in no danger of a party foul with these secure grips. Tailgaters, partygoers, and bar patrons will find these unique items different and useful, keeping them for re-use years down the line. Available in four colors and various sizes for cans and bottles. Starting at $0.95 each with a 1-color imprint, $50 setup. Request more information.

Sounds good

Top 10 New Items No Tangle Cord

Gift cards are great one-size-fits-all presents, and everyone likes music, so we think song download cards are a great promotion, whether you're handing them out or sending them in the mail. One innovation on the concept caught our eye: Instead of a plain-jane gift card, give the No-Tangle Card: they redeem the code on the back for their free music, and then keep the card (with your logo in gorgeous full color, naturally) to wind their earbuds around. It's creative and practical, and keeps your brand and message in front of them as they rock out to the music you gave them. Costing little more than the song itself, these are as affordable as they are valuable. Request more information.

Top 10 New Items Headphones

Lady GaGa and Dr. Dre are doing it, and now you can, too: Put your brand on the sturdy, high-quality Silly Ears Silicone Stereo Headphones. Earbuds may fit in your pocket, but these DJ-style headphones cover the entire ear for an old-fashioned immersive musical experience. Audiophiles will be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality: the headphones feature 120 dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz. The imprint area is large, as well, and will be seen clearly whenever the headphones are in use. $14.99 each for 1-color imprint, $50 setup, minimum quantity: 50. Request more information.

Show some spirit

Top 10 New Items Spirit

Double-duty is great, but triple-duty is better. The Soodle has a silly name and serious value: Three items in one, it will get use on game-day and beyond. One end is a small, bright pom-pom great for cheering in the stands. The pom-pom is also a ponytail holder for those who want to accessorize their hair with their team colors. Finally, there's a detachable lanyard with oversize keyring and carabiner hook, so they can take the team spirit wherever they go. $2-$5 depending on quantity and in-hands date. Request more information.

Top 10 New Items Shot Glasses

These sports-themed glasses are absolutely ballin'. The heavy base of each Sport Cooler glass features a baseball, football, or golf ball in relief, which can be highlighted with a colored bottom spray that really makes it pop. Here's what we love most: On this item, the second and third imprint colors are free. Go color-crazy with your design and create a collectible item that fans will cherish -- and use -- for years to come. We can all have a toast to that! Available in 16 oz. and shot glass sizes, priced $2-$5 depending on quantity. Request more information.

Bag it up

Top 10 New Items Bags

Here in California, plastic grocery bags are outta here, and the rest of the country seems to be following suit. All the more reason to give re-usable grocery and tote bags branded with your logo. The new Latitude Impact is a stylish new twist on the shopping tote. The lively design provides a bright background for your logo, and the bag tucks into a corner pocket to become a tiny bundle that you can easily toss in a purse or a pocket. That means your tote is sure to stand a cut above the rest and see a lot of use. $3.48 each for 1-color imprint, $55 setup, minimum order quantity: 150. Request more information.

Top 10 New Items Laptop Bags

Neoprene isn't just for wetsuits -- it also makes great bags, tech sleeves, and other household items. One of the biggest names in retail neoprene, Built, has introduced a line of promotional items with all their sleek style. Check out the Built Messenger Bag for iPad & iPad 2 (or any other tablet or mini-notebook computer). It's chock full of features: two interior pockets and one exterior pockets, a plush-lined front inner panel to help protect the screen, a headphone port, and an adjustable strap. $50.98 each, minimum quantity 6, and free setup when you order by September 30. Request more information.