Understanding Vector Art

While you may not need to completely understand vector art, it is good to be familiar with the concept when ordering promotional products. The reason is that the best quality branded merchandise starts with vector artwork. While the word 'vector' may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, it is actually straightforward to understand.

What is vector art? Vector art is a specific technique, which uses curves, shapes, lines, and points to create a mathematical, computer-ready image. Made up of paths that lead to control points, vector graphics can be called a cleaner format to present artwork.

Understanding Vector Art: Vector v Pixel

While all artwork may appear to be computer-ready (after all it was sent via computer), only art files created using specific programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will allow the tech-savvy user to edit, manipulate and 'beautify' artwork to the needed specifications without losing quality.

Getting artwork in the preferred format is optimal since it can save precious time when getting the order out to production. Often times, customers have an idea of what they want, but they don't have the exact artwork available or they are using a not-so-helpful art format. This is where we step in and offer a graphics library! We have access to an extensive library, with an assortment of vector art.

Why is a graphics library helpful? For starters, it helps you to generate ideas. Sometimes we have the perfect promotional product in mind, but we don't know where to start when it comes to imprinting, or as we call it, branding! Yes, we know a cool promotional item speaks for itself, but without the right artwork, your message won't come across the way it should. Not all companies have access to a graphics library. We have invested in a library to help customers who need to search for ideas on ready-made graphics to use for their imprint.

We use the word 'ready-made' because the library contains graphics that are already in vector format! Not only can you generate ideas, once you select the graphic of your choice, you can get your order out to production and into your hands quicker! While you may not be a 'graphics guru', as you do more to promote your brand or business with unique promotional items, you will get more familiar with how important artwork is in the promotional business.

Keep a lookout for more information about accessing the graphics library on our website. We guarantee we have something you'll like!