What is End Quantity Pricing?

If you've ever flipped through a promotional products catalog, you've probably seen pricing information that looks something like this:

Super Awesome Ballpoint Pen

Quantity 100 250 500 1,000 2,500
Price $1.99 $1.89 $1.74 $1.59 $1.39


Most promotional products are priced according to quantity: The more you buy, the less you pay per item. The reason for this is simple. Much of the cost of imprinted items comes from the labor involved in the process. It takes time to set up the machine that will transfer your logo onto the product, whether you're printing 100 pens or 100,000. When you can spread that upfront labor cost over more items, the per-item price goes down. Sometimes, we can negotiate with a manufacturer to get lower pricing regardless of quantity. Even if we only order 100 pens, we get the 2,500-pen price. Since 2,500 is the quantity at the end of the price list, this is calledEnd Quantity Pricing or EQP. We love EQP because it saves our clients money even when they have small projects. It also makes things a heck of a lot simpler for everyone. If you read too many price charts in one day, your eyes will cross!

We like offering one low price that holds true regardless of how many items you order. A related term is NQP, or Next Quantity Pricing. Order 100 pens and get the 250-piece price; order 250 pens and get the 500-piece price; and so on. Because we've been in the promotional products business for almost 30 years, we've developed strong relationships with a variety of manufacturers. We can offer EQP, NQP, and other special pricing on thousands of items. When you request a quote from Gorilla Marketing, we'll give you these options whenever possible.