Show Your Thanks During National Gratitude Month (November) With These Promos

Thanksgiving might be the headliner in November, but there’s an opportunity all month long to let grateful feelings flow. The entire month is commemorated as National Gratitude Month. In the workplace, showing gratitude can lead to big benefits. In a study by the American Psychological Association, researchers found that 93% of employees who felt valued and appreciated were motivated to do their best work and 88% said they felt engaged.

Sadly though, people are less likely to express gratitude at work than anywhere else. More than half of people (60%) say they never or rarely show their appreciation at work, and 74% never or rarely express gratitude to their boss.

Make the most of this National Gratitude Month with promotional products. We’re presenting a few ideas in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

Plan For This Promo:

What: National Gratitude Month

When: November

Shift Your Perspective

The deck of Gratitude cards makes a fun gift for an organization’s employees or volunteers. Each pocket-sized deck contains 40 gratitude cards, each one featuring an idea to show more appreciation or kindness or spread more joy. Customize a sleeve wrap, add a full-color label or insert full-color printed cards.

Grow In Gratitude

Send out the Mini Gift Pack during National Gratitude Month to show appreciation. It includes a recycled info card and a handmade, plantable seed-paper shape packaged in a corn-based cello bag.

Great For Corporate Gifts

Containing a stainless-steel bottle, a refillable portfolio, a ballpoint pen and a power bank tucked inside a two-piece gift box, the Executive Thank You Dynasty Kit makes an ideal corporate gift. Each item features a logo for maximum brand exposure.


A Grand Gesture

Celebrate employees who have really made waves with the Ocean Award. Featuring a swirl of green, blue and purple atop a clear crystal base, it makes a show-stopping addition to awards ceremonies or luncheons during National Gratitude Month.

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