UCLA LGBTQ Resources

Minnie L. Morales-Esquivel
LGBTQ Campus Resource Center

"The UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center supports the student, staff, faculty, and alumni LGBTQ+ community on campus and arguably in the larger LA area with the public that engages with UCLA. We provide outreach services and programming where the Center swag helps with promoting LGBTQ+ pride and supporting the larger campus community for larger diversity, equity, and inclusion.

"We employ students and the Center is student-run. We provide resources like safer sex and menstrual health products and an LGBTQ+ library free of charge. We offer allyship training to the campus and specific groups, organizations, and departments. We do research on the Queer Trans Black Indigenous Person of Color student community on campus and how to best serve them.

"We host a yearly Lavender Graduation for LGBTQ+ undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. We also provide emergency resources, scholarships, and emergency financial support to LGBTQ+ students to attend conferences, pay for living expenses, tuition and school fees, etc.

"We also host LGBTQ+ Student Leadership Retreats as professional development opportunities and send transgender students to T*Camp every year for community building."