2012 Marketing Trends

At the end of the year, companies make predictions on what will be the hottest new marketing trends in the coming year. If you are in the marketing business, this is a must when developing your 'business plan'; after all, you want to insure your customers are going to like what they get from you!  The great thing about society is that as consumers, we desire the newest, most innovative and convenient products out there...and we'll pay to get them. Staying ahead of the 'trend' curve is critical and we want to help make your marketing efforts successful. 2012, going, going, but not gone! Yes, we are already halfway through the year, but that doesn't mean some of the 2012 marketing trends won't be seen in 2013. Below are a few currently trending products and ideas that we can expect to stay around...

E-Readers, iPads and Tablets, One of Each Please!

We saw the craze for iPad, tablets and e-readers over the last year, but these items are not likely to go away in 2013. People want information as quickly and conveniently as possibly, e-readers, iPads, and tablets quench our 'technological' thirst. These products are pricey, and consumers will look for ways to protect their costly investment. Why not consider e-book, iPad or tablet holder, covers, and sleeves? These products vary in price, from low grade to top of the line and can easily be imprinted with your company logo or phrase! Since your customers will continue to buy the technology, you can continue to provide them the protection they need.

Tablet Holder

IPhone, Androids, and Blackberries, oh my!

Cell phones are certainly not going anywhere; not only do our grandparents now have cell phones...their using them! Communication is key if want to get ahead in the global market. From staying connected to friends and family, checking in our your social networking sites, or purchasing products online, our cell phones have become our connection to the world around us! A sleek ear bud or Bluetooth headset will certainly make your customers happy. Not only will they use them, your logo can be prominently displayed dangling off the ear of your customer every single day!

Fun in the Sun

The sun isn't going away, neither are the people who flock to the various sun-soaked locations. It's true we need our daily dose of vitamin D, but don't overdo it! Help your customers protect themselves from too much sun exposure by handing out SPF sunscreen and lip balm! Strategically place your logo on one of our many sunscreen and lip balm options, and your customers are sure to use this product over and over again. These items are great with a carabineer, making them easy to clip-on and tote around from place to place. You will be helping to protect them from the sun but they will be helping you promote your product or company! These are only a few items and trends that will stay hot in 2013. Of course, we can't predict the future, but we can't imagine these trends will disappear soon. Not sure what's the best product for your particular business or customer-base?

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