5 Promo Items Your Brand Will WANT and NEED This Independence Day!

Fireworks, barbecues and American flags galore... we all know where this is going- yup... Fourth of July is upon us. This American Holiday is a holiday FULL of promotional marketing opportunity. People LOVE free stuff, but more then free stuff they LOVE free essentials. We took it one step further, we've rounded up what we believe to be Independence Day essentials that are a MUST HAVE. Your brand can be seen by anyone and everyone with these five products. Added bonus: these products are 100% relevant YEAR ROUND- woah. So, without further a due here is our roundup of "5 Promo Items Your Brand Will WANT and NEED This Independence Day!".

1. Earplugs are an overlooked ESSENTIAL during the firework shows on the Fourth. What better way to remind people about your brand then with these easy to pocket earplugs.


2. American Flag Towel and Carry Bag make toting your towel fun, fresh and stylish! Easy to carry, easier to showcase your logo.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.32.40 AM

3. Bottle Cooler and Phone Holder, can you think of a better way for someone to keep their phone AND drink in one location? Bystanders will be in awe of this incredible hybrid product and they'll credit your brand for having it branded.

Coozie and Phone Holder

4. Rolling Cooler, universally known with the ability to hold anything! This compact cooler is slick AND easy to transport because it has WHEELS!

Roller Cooler

5. "License to Grill" Spatula, every BBQ king/queen's dream spatula! Your brand is now granting permission for any recipient to grill their hearts out this Fourth of July.



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