6 Savory Branding Ideas for Your Busy Restaurant

For years, dinner mints have been the bread and butter of promotional marketing for restaurants. After all, people LOVE free snacks and you LOVE getting your brand out there for people to see. The downside is that the dinner mint hype can be short-lived as your awesome dinner mints are enjoyed and your branded wrapper ends up in the trash. The result: Consumer-1 , Your Brand-0. So what if we were to tell you that there are affordable, ridiculously-clever products that customers won't want to discard, that you can use to create long-term branding the heck out of your restaurant. Sound crazy? Check out these 6 Savory Branding Ideas for Your Busy Restaurant!

1. Branded Mints AND a reusable tin give traditional winners an UPGRADE! Your customers can still enjoy a tasty post-meal treat but they'll think of you later, too. And isn't that the point?

2. Eco-Friendly to-go bags that bring home dinner AND groceries. Reusable bags make sense for people AND the environment. And when they're branded with your logo, they make dollars and cents for your business. (We're hungry just thinking about that!)
Polytex Grocery Bag
3. Coffee lovers espresso-ly love re-usable drinkware. Pardon the pun, but everyone needs a good cup for a good cup of coffee. This re-usable drinkware satisfies everyone's thirst and helps your customers to think about you while they're enjoy their morning cup of Joe!
4. Promotional magnifiers zoom in for a close-up of your brand! Forget the readers ... branded magnifying cards will fit inside any wallet and keep your brand top of mind for your customers (even if they occasionally use them to glance at another menu).
5. Set the mood, spark a flame. Shine the light on your logo and set your restaurant branding campaign on fire with custom lighters. Promotional lighters make great, useful giveaways and are available in slim, multipurpose, windproof, and more.
6. Get in the MOOD to promote with imprinted color-changing cups! These durable plastic cups change color when ice cold liquids are poured into them and make a lasting impression of your brand.

Want a quote on one of these great products ... or anything else on your promotional list?