A Coronavirus Controversy: DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and cleaning products are running scarce in a time where staying healthy is more important than ever. At Gorilla Marketing, we aren't scientists ... We just love promotional products and we understand that brands want to hand out branded hand sanitizer to clients during the Coronavirus crisis. With the heightened fear of the spreading virus and the desire to keep everyone's hands clean, there has been a shortage of hand sanitizer in the promotional product industry and in retail.  

DIY Hand Sanitizer is proving to be a controversial alternative that many believe is not worth the hassle. We think you have the right to form your own opinion on DIY hand sanitizer and to find a solution that you see fitting for yourself during a stressful time. Below are a few interesting videos we found on the controversy that we think are worth the watch.  

The Telegraph, a national British broadcast newspaper, says experts don't find DIY hand sanitizer as a fitting alternative to the store-bought kind. They talk through some of the common DIY recipes for hand sanitizers and provide an informational case as to why you shouldn't try this at home. 

TODAY says that the golden standard is and always will be soap and water and to proceed with caution with DIY hand sanitizers. The focus should shift towards stocking up on essentials such as pain relivers, freezer friendly foods, fever reducers, and household supplies in case of a quarantine emergency.  

If you are still interested in making hand sanitizer on your own, CBS News shares a quick and easy way to make it with common household products. When making your own hand sanitizer at home, you should always follow the directions and use the correct products. 

The World Health Organization has easy to follow Instructions for a mixture that they recommend using when creating your own at home. The information can be found in WHO's detailed guide to creating DIY hand sanitizer. 

We are not experts on this topic but the products we do offer in the realm of hand sanitizers are FDA compliant and safe to use. We understand that this shortage can cause branding frustrations and fears. Reach out with any questions you may have about stock shortages, shipments and germ fighting alternatives that we may have to brand!


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