Accessorize Your Customer's Treasured Cell Phone

We can’t survive without our cell phones (you know it’s true!), so why not feed the need, and outfit your customers with the perfect cell phone accessories. There are a variety of phones on the market, and each cell phone carrier is competing to get your attention by flashing the latest and greatest cell phone features. You may be guilty of standing in line for the recently released iPhone 5! As consumers, we often focus on the phones features, concerned with only how it will improve your work or personal communication experience. The accessories are usually an afterthought, but the truth is they actually are intended to enhance the phone. Some accessories are specific to the phone brand or carrier, but most are universal and have general characteristics that will meet the needs of any savvy cell phone user. Hands-free talking in the car; it’s the law (well, for some states)! If you live in one of the 10 states that prohibit the use of hand-held devices while driving, then you know you should not use your cell phone for any reason in the car. You may still sneak a call or text now and then, but for your safety and to avoid tickets, there is no better time to consider one of the many hands-free headsets on the market.  A simple ear bud or a complex Bluetooth headset is a must-have phone accessory. They have many benefits: increase multi-tasking ability, improve safe driving, reduce neck pain, and make you look cool! Don’t underestimate the coolness of a slick wireless headset; even the technologically-challenged can look smart with an impressive Bluetooth headset in their ear. Is your phone’s battery running low? That’s an easy fix! Cell Phone SpeakersCell phone chargers are a necessary accessory, because, we are always on the go and we need to ensure our phones are operational. Yes, cell phones will lose battery juice quick; especially when the phone has 100’s of applications and features. Chargers come in all styles. Some can plug into your car’s lighter, others go directly into an outlet; and for the eco-friendly consumers, there are chargers that run off of solar-power. Protecting your precious investment is a must. Again, if you were like so many and waited in line to buy the new iPhone 5, you probably spent a lot of money. Most phones on the market don’t come cheap, and are even more costly to replace when damaged. Every phone can be outfitted with a stylish cell cover or case. Some are specific to the phone type, but there are certainly universal cell phone covers. A cell phone cover is an accessory that can certainly maximize your advertising space, so don’t skip on the colors and wording of your brand and logo when screen printing it. If you’re a company hoping to give your customers a nifty cell phone accessory give away, here’s a hint: we can never have too many cell phone accessories. Going from home, to our car, to the office, we often lose or forget essential accessories. Having multiples can help solve that problem and it means your logo or company name can be floating around with your customers in every aspect of their personal and professional life.