Back To School Essentials Your Brand NEEDS This Year!

Can you believe it? Back to school season is right around the corner.  With most universities, community colleges, and other academic institutions beginning as early as August, it's time to stock up on branded academic essentials. High on the list are items like backpacks, notebooks, tech accessories, and drinkware. Keep reading to find out why each category is a beneficial addition to your brand this upcoming school year! 1. Look around any campus and you'll see backpacks of all shapes and sizes, which is why backpacks are one of the most valuable branding items you can brand. When you consider that most students take them with them to study on the go, the branding benefits are truly limitless.  backpacks. 2. Notebooks are a staple in and out of the classroom. When you brand these, you ensure that your brand is seen in the classroom, at the library, in the local coffee shop, and just about anywhere that the students go.  notebooks. 3. Tech accessories have become increasingly popular in recent years. Some of the coolest brandable tech items include power banks, USB pens, or even pens that double as phone holders. Given the huge role technology plays in everyone's lives, these are a highly effective form of year round advertising. tech accessories. 4. Drinkware is a favorite among students, teachers and professors, coaches, administrative staff, and even tutors and is arguably the BEST back to school promotional item you can get simply because it's a necessity on the sports field, in the classroom, off campus on any adventure you can name, and even at the tailgate party before the big game. drinkware

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