Can Screen Printed T-shirts Help Build Your Brand?

    Your Logo on a Screen Printed T-shirt or your Name in Bright Lights? I gather many adventurous small business owners, entrepreneurs or even those in their corporate office cubicles have envisioned the world knowing their name or singing along to a hit song they made up in a random daydream.

We all know the most practical way to tell the world who you are and what you do is by advertising. This can be scary given budget constraints. Advertising is not limited to investing in a multi-million dollar commercial, it could simply be a walking billboard.

How about a nice screen printed t-shirt that displays your company's logo and contact information with vibrant colors that POP out to the Average Joe on the street and screams: "HEY, BUY MY PRODUCT!" or "USE MY SERVICES!" Maybe a subtle black and white t-shirt with a fancy font imprint reading: "Elegant wedding supplies" or "Concierge" is a reminder to a target audience, if the occasion occurs, to "Call Me." No matter what the message may be, you want it to be seen. Screen printed t-shirts or wearables are a great way to secure this objective as a mission accomplished. Ranking high along with other top promotional products like drinkware or writing utensils, most companies choose promotional products or ad specialty items that give the most bang for their buck. A screen printed t-shirt could easily fit into your marketing budget as a promotional giveaway since it is both affordable and can speak volumes as a marketing tool. When choosing a screen printed t-shirt it is wise to look at the quality of the t-shirt first. Why? It doesn't matter if the shirt you purchased cost you $5.00 or $ 15.00 or it takes 1 day or 10 to produce and deliver if the quality of the product doesn't represent you and your business in a favorable manner. Choosing the right fabric to Screen Print a t-shirt takes a little understanding of why the quality of the fabric is one of the most important factors. When shopping for a t-shirt, consumers turn to fabrics that feel good or look great and make the assumption that this beautiful shirt will stand the test of time, let alone make it through the screen printing process. This is where they are wrong! Selecting the right fabric for your screen printing project is a must. Screen printers can print on a variety of t-shirt fabrics. Let's look at the top four t-shirt fabrics and their differences to aid you in selecting the best option for your business's image.
[caption id="attachment_1182" align="alignright" width="219"]Screen Printing on a 30 single T- shirt Screen Printing on a 30 single T- shirt[/caption] 30 singles: The 30 singles fabric is named after the count of thread and its weight. With a high thread count like 30, the fabric is finer and a tighter weave can be achieved. This gives the shirt a softer, finer feel. The finer the shirt, the more lumps and bumps the shirt shows off in its drape. Depending on the type of business you have, screen printing on this shirt may appeal more to women consumers Ringspun Ringspun means that the fiber that makes up the fabric is sent through a process where it is spun before it is knitted into the final product. Fiber (usually cotton) spun prior to knitting is finer, softer and more durable than ordinary cotton. Although the cotton that is ring spun is described as durable like 30 singles this fabric gives a more feminine look and may limit your target audience.  
[caption id="attachment_1183" align="alignleft" width="254"]Pima Cotton Tee, screen printed Pima Cotton Tee, screen printed[/caption]
Also referred to as extra-long staple (ELS), Pima cotton is most often used in shirts for both men and women. They are light to wear yet provide superior warmth. The thickness is one of its advantages; besides being a very durable fabric. Manufacturers of this cotton capitalize on its longevity saying it can last as much as 50  longer than other fabrics made from other forms of cotton. But a downfall to Pima is that; it is very absorbent cotton, so unless the T-shirt made from Pima is coated with a stain guard, spills will stay with the same longevity of the cotton. Standard: Standard or 100 cotton: the original t-shirt fabric is a fully breathable fabric; this means that it can be cooler to wear in warmer conditions. 100cotton is known to be soft as well as durable. Cotton fabric is easy to care for and holds color very well. One apparel vendor notes it as "A year-round essential, our best-selling t-shirt has been voted "most popular" by groups, teams, clubs and schools across America." Finding the perfect T-Shirt to screen print is simple. Avoid going through the trial and error process that is NOT usually factored into one's budget. Do this by knowing what fabric to choose. When price is a major concern, you may choose a basic heavyweight 100cotton t-shirt with a one-color design in one location. Gorilla Marketing can help by providing the best t-shirts selection and screen printing service. We strive to offer the most affordable advertising to help build your brand by gaining exposure!
Screen Printed T-Shirt
[caption id="attachment_1184" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Screen Printed T Shirt Screen Printed T-Shirt[/caption]