Capacitive stylus is a great gift for tech geeks

As smartphones get smarter and tablets get more popular, touch screens are becoming a part of everyday life. Sometimes, though, a fingertip isn't the ideal tool. Maybe you have long nails, or it's cold and you're wearing gloves, or your hands are messy. Enter the capacitive stylus. Note the fancy five-dollar word. "Capacitive" refers to the latest touch screen technology, which you'll find in iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and so on. Old touch screens relied on pressure to function, but the new advanced models are based on conductivity. Things that conduct electricity, like your finger, will work. Things that don't conduct electricity, like plastic, will not work. So a stylus for an iPad can't be made of plastic - it has to be made from a special conductive material. Since the iPhone's release, tech geeks have been trying to come up with a do-it-yourself stylus solution for capacitive touch screens. This is for two reasons. First, capacitive styluses weren't widely available until recently. Second, now that they've hit the market, they can be pricey. How far did some go to solve this challenge? During one chilly winter in South Korea, people started buying up mini sausages to use as styluses for their devices.Others have pulled out their pliers to cobble something together from office supplies. Still others recycle the anti-static film in computer packaging to make theirs. We commend this sort of ingenuity. We also see it as a sign: People want this product, but they either can't find it or don't like the retail price. That makes it a perfect promotional gift. Remember, people keep promotional items that they consider to be useful. And when you fulfill one of their needs with a gift, they'll think of you as a savvy problem-solver, which is exactly the impression you want to create. If tablet users, smartphone enthusiasts, and tech geeks are in your target audience, consider printing or engraving your logo on a capacitive stylus. Our favorite has a stylus on one end and a ballpoint pen on the other, giving you two essential tools in one item. We also like the mini-stylus that's designed to dangle from your smartphone by a sleek cord. Whatever style you prefer, we can find you the best possible price when you contact us for a quote.