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As a logo design and promotional products company, the staff at Gorilla Marketing spends a lot of time researching logo design trends. Since these images represent your company's brand identity it is vital to create visually appealing designs that people remember. Due to the fact Los Angeles California is known as a trendsetter, owners should strive for unique company logo designs that will stand the test of time. Think about the brands that you can identify based solely on the logo image. For most people, corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Audi, Apple, and Nike come to mind. In order to develop global brand recognition it is essential to spend time designing a business logo that speaks for itself and can be used with a variety of advertising methods. Logos are placed on everything from company letterhead and envelopes to trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, and awards presented for recognition of achievements or performance. Biodegradable Letter Size Clipboard One of the most essential design elements is clarity. Logos should be identifiable in small formats as they are often used as icons in social media networks. Most people can recognize icons that represent Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Give this consideration when creating yours. One of the most common uses of company logos is to brand corporate apparel. The cost to imprint logos on merchandise can become costly when multiple colors and intricate designs are involved. A solution to lessening ink costs is to use a toned down version of the logo. For this reason, it's a good idea to create a design that looks good in black and white or with limited colors. The process of designing your own logo can be simplified by working with an experienced logo design company. While graphic design work can be conducted virtually anywhere in the world, most owners find it better to work with local companies within southern California. This is especially true for businesses that cater to the local community. Local graphic artists understand the advertising likes and dislikes of residents and can provide invaluable insight about current trends. Logo designers that live in New York City aren't going to have as good of comprehension of the buying habits of the Los Angeles market as those who live here. Retractable Badge Reel The point of creating a logo is to provide a visual representation of your brand that people recognize. For the most part, business logos are used indefinitely with only minor modifications over the years. Obviously, the final design is a big decision that requires careful thought and consideration. Think about all the ways your logo will be displayed. Common places include: company websites, blogs, business cards, marketing brochures,calendars, social networking groups, Internet and print ads, and promotional products. We understand that designing a company logo is one of the hardest aspects of operating your Los Angeles company. Our talented designers are on hand to offer guidance and advice to ensure your business logo sends the right message to the target audience. Contact Us