Corporate Gifts Las Vegas

There are many benefits associated with giving corporate gifts to Las Vegas clients and colleagues. Vegas is the kind of town where word travels fast. Companies that hand out cool corporate swag can quickly solidify a good reputation without having their name flashed across a marquee. When choosing Las Vegas corporate gifts it is really important to think about the recipients and gift-giving occasion. Items given away to recognize achievements or as a token of appreciation will be different than those used to promote your brand. Las Vegas Nevada is known for being over the top with glitz and glamour. Choosing gifts that have a lot of bling might or might not be suitable for your target audience. An easy way to figure out appropriate gifts is to work with a promotional product company like Gorilla Marketing. One thing is certain. You don't want to provide ordinary gifts to the Vegas crowd. Instead, look for merchandise that is unique, yet functional. Corporate-Gifts-Las Vegas-ID-Holder Strange as it may sound, one of the most favored (and affordable) gifts is wall calendars. Keep in mind that people use promotional wall calendars for an entire year or longer. This provides ample opportunity to have your company name and logo in front of them. Further marketing can be achieved whenever calendars are on display in offices, reception areas, and showroom floors. It's a good idea to use high-quality photographs and quality paper stock so recipients will be pleased to display their gift. Calendars can be given as a stand-alone gift or paired with personalized desk accessories. Most items can be imprinted or engraved with a company logo including writing instruments, journals, desk planners, mouse pads, and paperweights. Another favored gift item is technological devices like USB swing drives and personal computer accessories. We have a wide range of devices to choose from. A few of the more popular include our executive pen flash drive and nano swing drives offered in bright colors. Most people enjoy gift baskets filled with gourmet treats and specialty items. Instead of conventional baskets, consider using a personalized cooler packed with a picnic blanket, plastic cups, foam huggie can holder, and imprinted flying disc. Of course, there is also the option of filling coolers with specialty foods. We offer a vast array of gourmet goodies including whole smoked turkeys and spiral-sliced hams, gourmet jelly beans, artisanal cheeses, hard candies, handcrafted chocolates, nuts, and holiday foods. Practically everyone appreciates custom drinkware; especially when it is unique and functional. Personalized drinkware can be added to picnic coolers or used as a stand-alone gift. It is suitable for all kinds of events including weddings, anniversaries, recognition gifts, retirement, welcome gifts, charity events, trade show giveaways, and business gifts. Selections range from eco-friendly sports bottles to crystal wine goblets and everything in between. Promotional drinkware is a great way to enhance business relationships while improving brand exposure. Quality drinkware will last for years to come and used over and over; making it a good choice for most gift-giving occasions. This is merely a sampling of corporate gifts available from Gorilla Marketing. Items can be customized with company logos, graphics, and slogans for a nominal fee. Our design team is dedicated to helping you throughout the entire process. Take a look at our promotional merchandise gift catalog and contact us to talk about your ideas.