Custom soccer balls can help you meet promotional "GOOOOOOOALS"

When businesses go shopping for sports-themed gifts and equipment giveaways, custom soccer balls may be the ideal choice. Custom soccer balls offer a great way for companies to capitalize on the popularity of soccer and represent an ideal giveaway for soccer clubs and teams. This explains why a growing number of companies now use personalized soccer balls to put their logo in front of soccer fans in a way that will be appreciated and seen repeatedly for years. Why choose soccer balls for a promotional project? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and its popularity in the United States continues to grow. According to the United States Soccer Federation, the number of youth soccer players in the United States has doubled since 1990, and now totals over 4 million. During the same time period, the number of high school soccer players has also more than doubled, to over 730,000 athletes. This represents the fastest growth rate among any major sport in the U.S., according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. At Gorilla Marketing, we have produced custom soccer balls for large corporate sponsors like MillerCoors. These sponsors benefit from putting their logo in front of soccer players, who will keep the custom-printed soccer ball and use it for potentially years into the future. Soccer balls can be printed with company logos, but also with player autographs or the flags of World Cup countries on many of the ball panels. Custom printed soccer balls also make a great promotional item for youth sports teams. The balls offer a high perceived value and can be designed and produced for under $10 each. The sponsor's logo also gets much wider exposure in comparison to more conventional items, such as soccer jerseys or screen printed t-shirts. Because of soccer's popularity, custom soccer balls make a popular dealer incentive to drive retail sales through contests and drawings, and are ideal for fundraising events. People associate this incentive with the spirit of competition and a sport that's beloved by millions around the world. They keep customized soccer balls for a long time and use them for an activity they enjoy, so the balls provide a dynamic medium for a company's message. Sponsors can customize the soccer balls with full-color, high-resolution artwork. For the greatest visual impact, this artwork can include a combination of logo, graphics, and borders. The balls come in a number of sizes and ship deflated and individually poly-bagged. Companies typically use size "4  and "5 soccer balls for their custom logo and message. The size "5 soccer ball represents the standard match ball size used by players age 12 and older, while ages 8 to 12 years old use size "4 soccer balls. Gorilla Marketing can also customize size "1 through "3 balls, which are smaller promotional ball sizes. When selecting a promotional soccer ball manufacturer, be sure the construction process and materials are of the highest quality. Superior balls last longer and keep your logo in front of people for years. Check out custom soccer ball descriptions and photos to get ideas for your next promotion.