Fresh Finds for Earth Day and Sustainability

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd, making spring the perfect season for sustainable giveaways and Eco-friendly promotional products. And while scouring through countless catalogs to find the best eco-friendly promotional product can seem daunting, we’ve created a collection of some of our favorite sustainable items. Use them as giveaways for your next Earth Day event or as everyday items to highlight your brand’s commitment reuse, reduce, recycle, and promote a more sustainable lifestyle!

Apple Peel Journals

Journals made of apples have little impact on the resources of the world and are entirely made of apple pulp and vegetable fibers. The best part is they even smell like apples too! An impressive and unique giveaway that is available for as low as $9.99 a unit. 

Cotton Totes

Cotton totes are great for everyday errands, groceries or events. They look great logo’d with your brand or and people will love the look and feel to them. these are available for as low as $3.69 a unit. 

Lunch to go Container

Ditch disposable and get sustainable!  Reusable lunch containers are great for everyone and decrease the amount of trash caused by lunches. Add your logo and your brand will go with people everywhere.  These are available for as low as $4.28 a unit. 

Funny Grow Pot Eco-Planter

Plant your brand with these Eco-Planters! People will love these on their desk or for learning opportunities. These planters come in a biodegradable planter, soil wafer and a chive seed packet. A ready to go planter kit for everyone. Promote a green lifestyle for as low as $2.18 a unit. 

Eco-Inspired Pen

Paper Barrel and Wooden Clip Eco-friendly pens are great for giveaways or at the office. These pens are a staple for Eco-friendly items for their unbeatable low cost and look it adds to a brand. These are available for as low as $.45 a unit.

Globe Shape Stress Reliever

Great way to make a statement this Earth Day with these stress reliever stress balls. Give these away for your future Earth Day campaigns, events, or eco effort workshops. These are available for as low as $.99 a unit. 

Recycled Backpack

This backpack is made of 100% recycled and certified non woven polyester. The perfect prize or giveaway for your Earth Day events! The side of the backpack is marked with the recycling logo and “this is your trash talking” to really get the Eco Smart message to be noticed! This backpack takes recycling to the next level. These are available for as low as $11.98 a unit. 


Recycled Glass Paperweight

Recognizing someone for their recycling efforts or for lowering their carbon footprint? These Glass paperweights are made out of recycled glass and are a unique reminder to leave on someones desk. Logo it with your logo or with someones name and accomplishments to make for the perfect gift. These are available for as low as $19.90 a unit. 

Recycled Cardboard Journal

These journal covers are made out of recycled cardboard and the recycling symbol is debossed in the back cover of the journal. The debossed logo looks great on the cover. Journals are great giveaways to promote a sustainable future. These are available for as low as $5.48 a unit.

Recycled Wilson Golf Balls

Got a big tournament coming up near Earth Day? Or want to impress a client by promoting a recycled lifestyle? These golf balls are made from 100% recycled materials with a rubber core made of recycled tires. Imprint your logo or a small message to fit you brand and help the environment at the same time. These are available for as low as $20.39 a unit.  Like any of these ideas or have some of your own? Contact your account Executive Today!