Imprinted Los Angeles

If you're searching for imprinted promotional products in the Los Angeles California region you've come to the right place. Not only does Gorilla Marketing carry a substantial collection of promo gifts, we can help you create products to strengthen your brand. Promotional merchandise is imprinted in various ways, but the most common is screen printing, embroidery, embossing, and engraving. Most people find it beneficial to talk with a promotional products company to learn about different options and figure out the best types of merchandise. Screen printing is one of the more popular choices amongst Los Angeles companies. L.A. advertisements are oftentimes very colorful which lends well to having colored inks injected into fabrics. Screen printed T-shirts are a favorite promo gift because they are affordable, yet offer a broad canvas for branding. Cotton tees are ideal for the Los Angeles climate and active lifestyles of residents. Imprinted polo shirts are another good choice. Since they are dressier than tee shirts, polo's are perfect business gifts to colleagues, customers, and employees. Most often, polo shirts are embroidered with logos, business name, or graphics.white polo   Shirts can be a stand-alone gift or paired with visors and ball caps. Angelenos are pretty active people, so hats are most always welcome. Popular outdoor activities include golfing, biking, hiking, and boating. Imprinting an attractive design on a comfy hat is a simple way to promote your business around the community. Hats and shirts can be accessorized with sun glasses, sunscreen lotion, sports bottles, imprinted mini fans, and beach chairs and towels. We have a number of summertime items that can be personalized with logos and advertising messages. One other popular item that is well received in L.A. is personal computer accessories. Our top sellers are custom USB flash drives and nano swing drives. One of the coolest things about flash drives is they can be customized to fully reflect your brand. Nano drives are one of the favorites because they are so small and attached to a handy key ring. Max USB drives offer extra space to present full color graphics. They are also a good size for having a custom mold created in a specific shape such as a car or ice cream cone. Custom flash drives can be paired with desk accessories like our mouse pad with USB hub and calculator or a USB accessories holder. We have an extensive selection of jump drives and accessories and can help you create original items that will get people talking about your brand. The options for creating imprinted promo gifts are limited only by imagination. Choosing the most suitable items for your clientele can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but working with experts will make the process much easier. Take a look at our product catalog to review merchandise selections and look at the different ways that items can be imprinted. Give us a call or contact us via email to obtain quick quotes or talk about your marketing needs.