Just Do Good Campaign: Bruins 4 Recovery

The Just Do Good campaign was created with the goal of highlighting businesses, student groups, and private enterprises for various #JustDoGood service acts. Groups submit their stories on our submission page (FOUND HERE)then we select from the stories that showcase people making this world a better place! This week, we’re sharing a story from Marissa Ericsson, who is apart of UCLA's Bruins 4 Recovery.Bruins for Recovery "Bruins 4 Recovery (at UCLA) is a student group made up of students  who have been affected by addiction, are in recovery or would like to learn more. Addiction, for some, is quiet sensitive in nature. The negative stigmas prevent many students from seeking help or cause students to feel isolated. Our members fight to end the stigmas against addiction by hosting student run support groups and advocating to staff, residential halls, and other campus professionals. Our members put together support groups for students who are in recovery from substances and addictive behaviors. They do this solely for their desire to help the community. There are support groups on campus 4 out of the 5 school days. Student lead groups are designed by students for students. Our members create the format and secure a safe space to host these meetings. Our persisting efforts have double the number of attendees each year. Our members also create their own presentations aboBruins 4 Recoveryut recovery and what it means to have an addiction. These presentations have allowed many members of our campus community to ask questions and challenge their pre-existing ideas about addiction." Thank you Bruins 4 Recovery for being a pillar of strength to your peers. Your #JustDoGood initiative will surely make a positive difference on campus. Keep it up!

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