Marketing for a Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, people from all over the world stand together in the fight against breast cancer, spreading awareness through events, social media, and in everyday life. Between the planning and the setups, we know finding the right promotional products can be hard. Whether you are using promotional products to raise money for research, spread awareness or support the cause, we have a list of cost-effective best sellers for this October. 

Pink Ribbon Tote Pink Ribbon

Totes are great all-purpose giveaways that provide a ton of visibilityThe pink ribbon handles and unique shape make it great for promoting your brand and supporting a cause. These pink ribbon totes are available for as low as $1.85 a unit. 

Stress BallStress Ball

Pair your logo with this pink ribbon with these stress balls. From office giveaways to events, stress balls are great for squeezing away the stress of everyday life. These stress balls are available for as low as $1.29 a unit.  

Awareness PenAwareness Pen 

These pens have awareness written all over them! The pink ribbon grip is a unique addition to a pen that will catch the attention of others and make an impression. These make for great giveaways in the office during the month of October. These pens are available for as low as $0.89 a unit.   Pink RibbonRibbon Badge Holder  Get the whole office in the spirit of spreading awareness and supporting the fight against breast cancer with these pink ribbon badge holders! These extend up to 30' for quick and easy badge swiping. The ribbon badge holders come in two different colors and are available for as low as $0.65 a unit.   Pink Apparel  From pink tie-dye to polo shirts, we have a variety of apparel options that are great for the office or events. Shirts stay with people for years to come and are great for gaining visibility that is long lasting. Contact your Account Executive to discuss different options you have for all your pink apparel needs.  Pink RibbonRibbon Carabiner A unique and fun reminder to 'think pink' that is a great hand out at non-profit walks, events or fundraisers. Participants will hang this on their keys for months to come, spreading awareness throughout the year. These pink ribbon carabiners are available for as low as $1.89 a unit. 

Silicone BraceletsPink

Silicone bracelets are a staple for spreading awareness to a large audience. A small giveaway like this offers subtle branding that is noticeable and simple. Hand these out throughout the month of October or at an event to participants of all ages! Silicone bracelets are available in a variety of different colors for as low as $0.51 a unit. 

Acrylic Sports Bottle

These fun and vibrant colored bottles will make a lasting impression on your cause for times to come. These sports bottles are available as low as $6.38 a unit!     

 Like any of these ideas or have ideas of your own? Contact your Account Executive today!