Oh my Grigio! Check Out These 9 Marketing Ideas Your Winery Needs TODAY!

We love wine, you love wine, just about everybody loves wine! In a world filled with #WineWednesday and #MerlotMonday it's safe to say that W.R.E.A.M (Wine Rules Everything Around Me). Did you know that Wineries, the beloved properties that raise, harvest and produce wine for everyone to enjoy; specialize in different types of grapes, wines and techniques? That's right. Every winery is like a snowflake, similar from a distance but much more complex up close. With every winery specializing in their own craft, it's important that each winery is remembered as a standout to its loyal customers. What better way to create a stand out memory for a stand out facility than with a customizable promotional product? These products can be exclusive to in-house staff or to wine-loving customers visiting for the day. Whatever the situation, take a peek at our top nine best marketing ideas for wineries! 1. Are you KIT-ting me?! A custom 3 piece wine kit to impress all your wine-consuming customers. wine marketing 1 2. In case you've got an important bottle or customer, consider this cherry wood wine case to make the first impression a lasting one. wine marketing 2 3. We have to adMINt, these little treats will refresh anyone's palette. wine marketing 4 4. We just de-CANT-er believe that anyone could drink red wine without this slick decanter. wine marketing 3 5. This might sound cheesy, but we highly recommend a brand-engraved cheese board to serve your customers. wine marketing 5 6. Want a free hand? No problem! This cute little coaster serves as a wine holder and plate in one! wine marketing 6 7. Stop WINE-ing and let this gadget open up your problem-solving skills! wine marketing 7 8. How charCUTErie! A mini cheese board/plate/wine stem tray! wine marketing 8 9. Can you hear that? Sounds like the harmonious tune of customers LOVING your winery branded promotional products! wine marketing 9  

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