Our 2020 Vision on Promotional Product Trends

With the year 2020 just around the corner and the chaos of 2019 finally dwindling down, we wanted to share some of our 2020 product predictions. The new year is an exciting time for new marketing plans and promotional products for every brand. Below are just a few of the products we see being a huge hit for the new year. 

Foldable Reusable Straw   

A different take on a 2019 favorite. The foldable straw comes in a convenient case and gives reusable straws a more uniform and retail look. Since reusable straws are made to reduce and reuse, why not brand ones that are made to stay for a longer period of time? We think higher end reusable straws are going to make a lasting impression in the 2020 year.  The foldable straw is based off a retail brand called “Final Straw” these straws are available to brand at a minimum quantity of 12 and pricing as low as $24.50 a unit.  

Custom Wooden Puzzle

Throwback to the 90s at the start of a new decade with fully custom wooden cubes. The branding capabilities on these neat toys make this a product made for creatives and big ideas. It’s a conversational piece that makes as a great client gift or product launch announcement. If you want to add a more modern look to the everyday wooden cube check out these wooden puzzles. These wooden puzzles are available for a minimum quantity of 50 at pricing as low as $4.67 a unit.

Custom Socks 

Custom Socks are not a thing of the past. They are a cozy reminder of your brand that relates to a large audience and gives you endless full-color, branding capabilities. Custom socks are made to be as fun and unique as you desire. They leave a favorable impression that provides longevity that is sure to stick with clients throughout the 2020 year.  Whether its knit or sublimated, there's a sock for your brand and a way to brand it. Pro tip: Add custom packaging to your socks for a low price to add a retail look to your branded products. Contact an Account Executive today to discuss pricing and branding possibilities. 

Custom Shape Acrylic Phone Rings       

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Phone accessories continue to take the promotional product industry by storm and brands are always looking for a way to add a different flare to an everyday product. Phone rings are a PopSocket alternative that grew in popularity in 2019 as a low-cost alternative to the retail brand. What makes phone rings a creative way to brand is its fully custom shapes and capabilities that can be molded to fit big ideas. Make your phone rings as unique as you want by turning it into your logo or mascot. These custom phone rings are available at a minimum of 1,000 and as low as $2.92 a unit.  

Foldable Coffee Cups  

Packable coffee cups take bringing coffee on the go to a new level. It makes it an easy way to store your cup in a backpack or purse when you are running late to the office or have a meeting you don’t want to bring your coffee into. Reusable coffee cups like these are collapsible and sustainable while helping in the efforts of eliminating disposable cups. Stojo is a brand with a mission to eliminate waste while working towards a better future for the planet. The brand is a member of 1% for the Planet, committing 1% of annual Stojo revenue to environmentally focused non-profit organizations. These collapsible coffee cups are available for a minimum of 72 and pricing as low as $18.08 a unit.  

Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

These glasses are growing in popularity in the retail industry and are now beginning to pop up in the promotional product industry. They block out blue lights from computer screens, making it easier to look at screens for longer periods of time without straining or causing damage to your eyes. We predict this product will have a huge impact on the promotional product industry and will continue to grow in popularity as the benefit of wearing them is seen as a necessity. These blue light blocking glasses are available for a minimum quantity of 250 and as low as $3.40 a unit.  

Reusable Lunch Boxes  

Going green and moving towards a more sustainable way of life is a trend we see continuing throughout the 2020 year. Not only is this trend good for the environment, it provides your brand with the opportunity to always be in your client's hands throughout the day. We are seeing more retail looks to the everyday lunch box and see this as an item that will continue to grow in popularity and options. The reusable lunch box option pictured is available for a minimum quantity of 60 and as low as $8.98 a unit.  

Now is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the trends that will make a huge impact in the promotional product industry in the year 2020. So whether you’re interested in any of these ideas or something else? 

Contact us today and let’s get your 2020 Vision locked in!