Pink Promos for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To anyone whose life has been affected by breast cancer, October is an important month. People all over the world participate in events aimed at helping people to understand the disease and raising money for research and treatment. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women around the world, and can affect men as well. The treatment methods available improved by leaps and bounds during the 20th century, thanks in large part to activists who pushed for less invasive procedures and encouraged breast cancer patients to seek second opinions. Their legacy continues today as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is traditionally commemorated in October. Pink ribbons were first used to symbolize the breast cancer cause in 1991. Since then, pink - traditionally a feminine color associated with hope and positivity - has become the recognized hue for breast cancer awareness. Landmarks are illuminated in pink light to remind women to have regular mammograms and fundraising events often include pink dà ©cor and pink apparel. They may feature slogans like "Think Pink" and "Fight Like a Girl," or play with risque double-entendres to attract attention. If you're sponsoring a breast cancer awareness event or fundraising promotion, you may want to incorporate a giveaway of some sort. This keepsake will emphasize the message of screening, research, and support for people with breast cancer. And, of course, it will show that your company is committed to the cause. Now that's marketing money well spent. [caption id="attachment_1043" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Hanes Cool Dri moisture-wicking tee and Bella Bernadette Burnout tee both come in shades of pink. The Hanes Cool Dri moisture-wicking tee and Bella Bernadette Burnout tee both come in shades of pink.[/caption] The obvious choice is a pink t-shirt or polo that's been screenprinted, sublimated, or embroidered with an awareness message and your logo. For a walk, run, or bike ride, consider a garment with performance features like moisture-wicking fabric. If sweat isn't an issue, then a delicate feminine-cut burnout tee is a great piece that will be worn again and again. Don't forget men's styles for the guys -- real men wear pink! Water bottles are another great option for marathons and fundraising walks. Just remember to choose a BPA-free option, since that chemical has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer. Other good choices includelanyards, caps, and lip balms or sunscreens.Keychains and pens in elegant gift boxes make great gifts for donors, and because they'll be used frequently, they're very effective at keeping the awareness message on people's minds. When designing your awareness-themed item, consider including important information about the disease. Risk factors, early symptoms, screening tips, and so on are things people need to know. Our art department can help you decide what to include and how to place it for maximum impact.