Preferred Manufacturers

Gorilla Marketing offers the widest selection, highest quality, and best prices on promotional products because of our amazing manufacturers. Here's just a sample of the vendors we proudly work with, including those with whom we have negotiated special pricing. Feel free to click their logos and browse their catalogs. It's a great place to start when you're on a budget.

[cols] [col class="1/6"] All in One [/col] [col class="1/6"] Alpha [/col] [col class="1/6"] Apollo Embroidery [/col] [col class="1/6"] Ariel Premium [/col] [col class="1/6 last"] Bic Graphic [/col] [col class="1/6"] Crystal D [/col] [col class="1/6"] ETS Express [/col] [col class="1/6"] Galactic Line [/col] [col class="1/6"] Gemline [/col] [col class="1/6"] Goldstar [/col] [col class="1/6"] High Caliber [/col] [col class="1/6"] Hit [/col] [col class="1/6"] Innovation [/col] [col class="1/6"] Jetline [/col] [col class="1/6"] Leeds [/col] [col class="1/6 last"] Logomark [/col] [col class="1/6"] Nissin [/col] [col class="1/6"] Perfect [/col] [col class="1/6"] Primeline [/col] [col class="1/6"] Quake City [/col] [col class="1/6"] Ready4 Kits [/col] [col class="1/6 last"] SanMar [/col] [col class="1/6"] S&S Activewear [/col] [col class="1/6"] Sweda [/col] [col class="1/6"] TA Creations [/col] [col class="1/6"] Terry Town [/col] [col class="1/6"] TJ Promo [/col] [col class="1/6 last"] Towel Specialties [/col] [/cols] [cols] [col class="1/2"] TSC Apparel [/col] [col class="1/2 last"] AUTHORIZED DEALER LOGO [/col] [/cols]

These manufacturers and more offer countless options for promotional products, tradeshow giveaways, executive gifts, corporate apparel, screen-printed t-shirts, and anything else you can imagine your logo and message on.

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