Custom Zipper Earbuds

So, if you are like most people that use earbuds with your audio devices, you have probably experienced the frustration of untangling the cables when you pull them out of your bag or backpack to plug in. We found a way to alleviate that frustration and at the same time, put your icon or logo out front. This product was invented by a couple of young entrepreneurs but while they solved a considerable problem they did not have a vision for this item as a creative/effective marketing piece. We did... and we approached them with this vision and secured an exclusive license to produce these with some super creative zipper pulls and external packaging. If you can imagine it, we can create it with this product. Spiderman "climbing" up the zipper, a Nascar vehicle "riding" up and down the zipper track. A hockey stick, baseball bat, surfboard, airplane, animal, beverage can, bottle, sports ball or any company logo or icon as the zipper pull; out in front, each time the user has their earbuds in. We have produced a basic model without a mic for as little as $3 per set or high end audio with a mic for about $12 with retail packaging. Function and form are aligned here...with great exposure for a brand. Key Features:
  • Functional and stylish!
  • Zipper earbuds won't tangle like conventional earbuds
  • Polished aluminum housings are tapered for optimal comfort and fit
  • Available colors: Blue, Pink, White, Black
  • Fully custom zipper pulls in PVC or metal - put your logo in their hands!
  • Includes two sets of silicone earbud covers
  • Standard packaging: polybag