Paws Drink Holders

Client: Miller Coors Request and background: An item was needed that could be utilized as a “dealer loader” to move cases of Miller Lite in the North Carolina market and that could be used as a hospitality gift pre-game and in-game at Carolina Panthers football games. Budget: $12 Challenge: An item that would be unique, useful to a beverage consumer and attention getting. Solution: We felt something that could be used as a beverage holder would be ideal but an item like a can cooler or ice chest was not going to garner any attention or was unlikely to be a coveted piece. We also didn’t want an “off the shelf” solution and neither did they. The team searched for creative and fun ideas in the retail realm that were not available to our industry and came upon the big green Incredible Hulk hand that was popular for costumes at the time. We took that concept and created a custom molded “Panther Paw” from PU material. Instead of just being a large hand, it now contained a cavity to hold a can or bottle and acts as the most unique can cooler on the planet and made it impossible not to notice. The item spurred such rave reviews that the initial order placed was followed up by an order the following season for nearly 4 times as many and led to the creation of The Raven’s Claw beverage holder for similar use in the Maryland market at Baltimore Ravens hospitality events and that area’s dealer loaders.