Promo Marketing Magazine: Focus on Fundraising

One of our very own Gorillas, Rosslyn Forrester, was recently featured in the January 2018 issue of Promo Marketing Magazine where she offered insights for nonprofits on the how to use promotional products to bolster fundraising initiatives. Rosslyn‘s thoughts on how to take nonprofit promotions to the next level are intuitive and inspiring for anyone with a passion for fundraising or nonprofits. According to the article, “Nonprofit organizations consistently rank as one of the top purchasers of promotional products.” There are a number of opportunities for nonprofits to leverage these items, from event giveaways and donor gifts to selling branded t-shirts and other fun promotional items. Rosslyn points out that whether the goal is raising awareness, rewarding donors, or thanking volunteers, branded items can help to rapidly build awareness for any organization. She states, “Nonprofits are looking for a call-to-action. Awareness. Promotional Products are far-reaching — the statistics of our industry show that they are rarely thrown away. They may be re-purposed, which only increases the awareness for the nonprofit.” This is something that nonprofits should consider, especially when selecting items. Timeless appeal extends the use life and brand lift because people keep and use these products for longer and longer periods of time. In addition, promotional products that are tied to a cause hold personal meaning for the recipients. Nonprofits that wish to change the world can do so one call-to-action or event at a time. We’re all super proud of Rosslyn’s commitment to service and her focus on fundraising. Want to read the full article? Check it out here!