Promotional Calendars Ensure Exposure All Year Round

With the rise of the smart phone, nearly everyone has a built-in calendar shoved in their pocket or buried in their purse. That said, I type this within mere inches of a hanging wall calendar, replete with hand-written appointments scratched out and penned over with alterations. And I know I'm not alone. The wall calendar remains ubiquitous and with it the opportunity to hang your logo and brand in plain sight for 365 days (sometimes even 366!). We're not just talking wall calendars either. The versatility of this particular promotional product lends itself to many forms, which means there's a way to take advantage of an established promotional space on nearly any budget. Whether your customer is sliding a card-size calendar out of their wallet from behind a Subway Sandwich frequent customer punch card, taking note of an upcoming dental appointment on a magnet while closing the refrigerator door, or jotting down the time of a lunch appointment in their weekly planner, your company logo is in immediate view. (Note to self: I really shouldn't be allowed to blog just before a meal) Calendar Magnet The base form of the calendar is only the very beginning of the customization available. An embossed foil logo on the cover of a burgundy date book communicates an air of austere professionalism. Take the same datebook with a block font combined with a mascot logo and you have a perfect place for students to jot down assignments, stare ruefully at upcoming due dates, or scribble poorly-crafted poetry in the margins. Wall calendars are great for showing off graphic customization. Submit your own artwork or photography to have displayed all year long, or choose from a seemingly endless source of stock artwork on file- if we've learned nothing from the Internet, it's that you can't go wrong with cats in compromising situations. Sticky Pad Calendar By varying the type of calendar you distribute to your customers you increase the potential usefulness of the item and the likelihood they will hold on to your logo all year round. The convenient immediacy of glancing up at a date or the incredibly satisfying tactile experience of tearing off an entire month at a time guarantees the calendar will never go the way of the Mayans (see what I did there?).