Promotional Items Chicago

Are you a business owner in need of promotional items for Chicago Illinois customers? Are you uncertain of the types of gifts that appeal to this market? Or, perhaps you want to design unique items that no one else offers. Regardless of your need for great items, Gorilla Marketing can help you find impressive products at affordable prices. These days, owners have access to thousands of promotional items that are suitable for the Chicago market. Popular items include athletic team merchandise and apparel, tailgating and picnic supplies, office accessories, drinkware, and high-tech devices. Just about any type of merchandise can be branded with logos. Since promotional gifts are intended to build brand recognition it's important to have a notable logo that people will remember. Otherwise, without other identifiers, people won't remember who gave them the gift. Obviously this defeats the purpose, so owners need to spend time thinking about which types of merchandise offer the best advertising opportunities. Good choices are tee shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, tote bags, wall calendars, and other items that have a fair amount of surface area. Mini Wall Calendar Writing pens are one of the most frequently used promo product. Nearly everyone owns a pen with imprinted business names and logos. While pens are very affordable and practical they aren't going to provide a lasting impression unless there is something unique or unusual. An alternative to writing pens is Capacitive stylus pens that can be used with Smartphones, iPads, and Android tablets. While far from an ink pen, stylus pens are in high demand because touch screen devices have become part of daily life. High-tech gadgets are another hot item that can get people talking about your brand. At Gorilla Marketing, we have the ability to produce specialty molds which allow our customers to design their very own USBflash drive. Since Chicagoans tend to be busy business professionals, technology gadgets are an ideal promo gift. Because USB drives and port hubs will be used often they provide a lot of exposure to the brand and are a constant reminder to recipients. If you want to win the hearts of Chicago trade show attendees give them something symbolic of the Windy City. Good options include decorative globes that encapsulate the Chicagoland cityscape or landmarks such as Wrigley Field, as well as sports apparel, memorabilia, posters, or stadium cushions. stadium cushion Another option is theme-based gifts. This could be a coffee mug filled with coffee from the Chicago Coffee Roastery or an insulated cooler packed with picnic gear. Specialty foods can be private labeled with your company logo for added impact. It's always a good idea to select merchandise that is long-lasting, provides a benefit, or is near and dear to recipients' hearts. Taking time to consider how well people will like promo gifts will go a long way in producing a higher return on investment. Whatever your needs are for promotional products in Chicago Illinois, the team at Gorilla Marketing is here to help. We've worked with customers all across the country to create personalized trade show giveaways and corporate gifts that are unique, practical, and affordable. Get in touch with us during normal business hours or send an email during off hours. We look forward to helping you find the perfect gifts that recipients will enjoy receiving and you will be proud to give.